Who is an excel 2010 daddy??

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by Canadian-Wolverine, May 25, 2012.

  1. Canadian-Wolverine

    Canadian-Wolverine MDL Junior Member

    Feb 14, 2011
    Hey guys. :help2:
    Here is my dilemma.
    I have an excel sheet that has lets say four worksheets per pricing amount to work out stuff i want to do for pricing. i have 5 pricing structures, so 20 worksheets, plus the first page is a simple invoice thing....(10 items of number 2 pricing = this much, for example.)
    now, in that invoice, i have a drop down list so i can pick which pricing amount i want to use.
    How can i get excel to automatically select the worksheets that control, lets say, price 2 if i pick "price 2" from the drop down list.
    This has been driving me insane for a week, and could tun up nothing on the interweb

    This would be way easier than having 5 excel workbooks that each have thier own pricing..
    Any ideas guys?
  2. prathaprabhumicrosoft

    Jan 20, 2012
    Can you please be more specific about what you would like to do.

  3. Canadian-Wolverine

    Canadian-Wolverine MDL Junior Member

    Feb 14, 2011
    Hey :)
    What i would like it to do is when i select one of the options from a dropdown list i want it to ONLY use the calculations from a set of worksheets relating to that option.
    Example. If i have five things in a dropdown list i created and i select say, number two, i want excel to ONLY use the worksheets that relate to number two.

    I run a small furniture finishing shop and we do five different kinds of finishing, all with different prices. when ive inputted all the stuff im finishing, i want to pick from a dropdown the style of finish and have excel ONLY use the calculations relating to whatever option i picked in the dropdown.
    I have the worksheets already figured out to calculate square footage etc, i just dont want to have five different workbooks, i want to use one and have excel just use the correct four (from twenty) sheets to work out my stuff.
    If it would help i can add a couple of pics.
  4. poppyc

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    May 28, 2010
    If this does not do what you want, it may give you some ideas. Do a Google search for "dependent dropdown list with multiple worksheets". The first listing is a page on ozgrid.com. There is an excel file attached to post #2 which you can download and take a look at. (You will have to register - it's free). He uses 2 pull downs, one to select the page and the other, the items on that page. The second pulldown data validation rule uses a formula to refer to the first pulldown cell. Hope this helps.
  5. Roguetomato

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    Oct 8, 2012
    Yeah, I agree with the above. I am constantly grading tests in excel and google is definitely the best resource you can use for excel info since there is so much crap in excel to deal with. But as far as making an easier way I wouldn't have a clue in a novice at excel... any photoshop questions I would be glad to help you with though... :D