Why are you still using Windows 7? - Poll from ZDNet

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by erpsterm35, Oct 10, 2020.

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    May 27, 2013
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    Jun 1, 2019
    Mweheheheheh why still asking?
    1. Best performance
    2. There is no hdd usage 100% issues
    3. Less telemetry and tracking
    4. Less Bloat......Warez :v
    5. Very Very Very Very Very Recommended for newbie :p

    Why not moving on windows 10?
    The best reason is if you are not paying then you are product

    1. Full with bloatware
    2. Full with telemetry and other tracking or spyware (there is no tool that can guarantee all telemetry and spyware completely removed)
    3. Not friendly with low end devices
    4. Not recommended for newbie

    Best Regards
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  3. anthonygg37

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    Oct 20, 2020
    About windows 7
    I still use Windows 7 because I know this OS very very well.
    I'm very productive with it and it is really stable.
    I can do all I want and I need with it.
    = perfect os for me 9,9/10
    But it took me time to know everything.

    About windows 10
    Forced Update

    Windows 10 has forced update who crash computers, plant drivers, modify your installation, active things you had desactivate.
    I read articles and my friends report issues with update every 2-3 months ...
    If you are gamer it's ok, but if you are pro it is huge problem. You don't have time to resolve problem you didn't had before.
    In nuclear power plants, aeronautics, army, satelites, medecine, you prefer reliable than newest.
    You can't try every update or it can be dramatic.

    Microsoft defender
    It simply deleted all my files for software I used *no-cd*.
    You can't desactivate it. It relaunch everytime and in every update.
    And will clean and delete all your job without asking you.

    Integrated graphics / dedied card
    W10 force you to use your integrated graphics when you are in desktop.
    It use your RAM and CPU for nothing. I prefer use my Nvidia card with setting I want.

    Liberty / As a service phylosophy

    Windows 10 philosophy is to have every windows computer the same setting / version.
    Me I don't want a new verstion every 3 months but a stable version with liberty !

    I have no time

    IT is a tool for me. For my needs It must be productive and reliable.
    I don't want to spend all my time to configurate W10 who will modify again everything all 3 months update.
    I prefer use a W7 who is productive and i learned to use.
  4. talhaaxhar

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    Sep 29, 2020
    Because of laptop specs it is designed to operate window 7 ya it can also run on window 10 but it will not that effiecient and most of all i can do my all the work on window 7 so where is a problem.
    Thanks and have a nice day.