Win 7 Embedded Standard "Activation System"

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    I thought I would ask here as people seem to be familiar with how this rather niche OS works.

    I know that Windows 7 (and Server 2008 R2) have three main activation methods:
    1. Standard retail "FPP" authentication with Microsoft.
    2. Volume license "VOL" with MAC or an internal KMS server.
    3. OEM license "OEM" which seems to check computer BIOS information.

    These may not be 100% accurate as I am still learning about the overall process.

    Now, Windows 7 Embedded has a fourth method very similar to the old Windows XP VOL licenses where a key is entered and the OS appears to be locally activated in a permanent method. What exactly is done differently with this OS compared to the others?

    Therefore, my question is, is Windows Embedded Standard 7 similar in that it has files dealing with licensing/activation that are different or is this built closer to the kernel somehow?

    Some forum posts mention converting between retail "FPP" to "VOL" copies by replacing certain files. However, the files replaced already came from the VOL version of the OS.

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    I have activated “Standard 7 SP1 32bit IBW.iso” simply entering the key.
    "slmgr.vbs -ipk XGY72-BRBBT-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX"

    Without KMS emulators, without any modifications or invasions.

    It works for 32 and 64 bit.

    It is strangely, but...

    This image:
    Md5: 8928dc77319cde42985eabd9b431de97
    Downloaded from MS (find “Standard 7 SP1 32bit IBW.iso” via Google on MS site - I can not insert the link, the forum engine does not allow).

    And this:
    “Standard 7 SP1 64bit IBW.iso”
    Md5: E65A9F5B582ACC9FE504621CBA691682
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    First, you might want to remove the key from your post. Keys are usually removed here.

    Second, I already know that you can activate a Standard 7 ISO with a key. Done it several times.

    What I am trying to figure out is why this works and if is it possible to apply this to a Retail or Vol version of Windows 7.

    For instance, let's pretend I have a version of Windows 7 or Server R2 2008 which activates fine using KMS. It is a volume license disk which has the files to be volume licensed only. If I put in a retail key, it will reject it and will only work with a KMS or MAC server (to my knowledge.)

    Now, what I am trying to do is find out what method of licensing Windows 7 Standard uses and if a retail/volume copy of Windows 7 can be patched to accept a permanent key like this. Aka, punch the key you mentioned into Windows 7 Professional and have it activate on its own every time just like Standard 7 does.
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    Probably something like that
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    Thank you.

    The information I am seeking is going to be a bit deeper than I thought.