Win FLP: random files invisible on shares

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    I save and edit my photographs on a computer running Win FLP. I make backups over a wired network to a second computer also running Win FLP.
    I view them with Irfan View, edit with PaintShopPro PhotoX2 and backup with Syncback.

    When I discovered not all images were copied during the backup procedures I investigated. It turns out random images are not visible in the network shares. They are not visible in Windows Explorer and not visible for Syncback. However when opening an image on a share with Irfan View by directly entering the filename in the open file window it can be opened. So the problem seem to be the files are not listed but are shared.

    Most invisible files are original unedited images. But there are also files edited with PSP among them. Quit a few of them are in the "Corel Auto-Preserve" folder where PSP moves originals when an edited original is saved.
    The invisible images are totally random to me. The image attributes are identical and unchanged, and are not set to hidden. The Windows Explorer settings for showing hidden files are on. Activating show system files does not make the hidden images visible on the shares.

    The problems occurs both ways, from the first computer to the second computer and vice versa. It also occurs on a third and a fourth computer running Win FLP.

    Apart from the images folders with a '+ ' in the folder name are invisible on the shares. I am not aware the '+' is a reserved symbol. Never before had problems using '+' in file and folder names.

    I am baffled. Never before have I experienced an issue like this.