Win7 Debug/Checked Build

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by thedoginthewok, Dec 7, 2011.

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    Jul 24, 2009

    I have a simple question, but I didn't find an answer on google.

    I have an MSDNAA Subscription and I have four Wind7 Keys, but two of them are for Debug/Checked Builds (I know what those Builds are for). I just wanted to know if I can use the Keys for the Debug Builds for normal Versions of Win7.

    the Debug Build is called "Microsoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 Debug/Checked Build 64-bit (English) - MSDNAA - Download:".

    I have two Laptops and one Midi Tower, and I thought it wouldn't do any harm, to use legit licenses on them.
    (Right now I use Win7 x64 Ultimate with Daz's excellent Loader).