Win7 x64 & GRUB4DOS

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    I had an interesting problem on the weekend, as we all know installing Windows trashes your Boot sector so if you were using a 3rd part boot loader after installing windows you have to recover it.

    I dual boot Debian Linux and Win XP now Win7 so after installing Win7 I had to recover my GNU GRUB boot loader so I could still boot Debian Linux.

    To do this I used SuperGrub iso image (being a smarty pants I thought ill use my USBKey with GRUB4DOS and boot the iso on my USB key)

    This worked great until I overwrote GRUB4DOS on my USB key with GNU Grub...Doh!!!

    This however got me out of one problem as I could now access GNU Grub and edit the boot partition and get into Debian and then run grub and setup (HD0) this fixed my original problem. Dual booting Debian and Win7 was now fixed.

    My new problem was fixing up my multiboot USB key I couldn't for the life of me find a 64bit version of the GRUB4DOS MBR installer they just dont exist. If you use the 32bit version it cannot see the USB key or your HDD for that matter.

    I managed to get a GRUB4DOS boot sector on the USB key by booting to win95 and using

    What a pain in the rare end, just because their are no 64bit MBR loaders yet...

    If anyone knows of one let me know as I would like to have it handy for the next time I overwrite my MBR.