Windows 10 Pro Off 2016 with HP4630 Printer

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    Here goes the problem. Running Win10 Pro and Office 2016 as a user called DellE6510 as administrator the Word and Excel documents will not print on the wireless connection of the HP4630 printer. It will print wireless documents off the Internet, and it will print Powerpoint an Publisher documents wireless.
    The only way to print word or excel with my user account I had to set up a pure Administrator account for the HP printer to work.

    I have tried to set up the word and excel as administrator accounts but they won't work with my user account.

    The only way I found with my user account to print wireless to the HP printer for Word is to scroll down from the start menu to Word and bring it up as Administrator then the print works.

    Can anyone tell me how to setup a user account as a pure administrator. On Windows 10 if you go to properties, the administrator function is grayed out so you can't turn it on. I don't have these wireless problems on either my Epson or Brothers printers.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Have you moved %TEMP% folder to different location?
    The default location is %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\

    I am asking because I had similar issue. After installing Windows 7 I moved TEMP folder to C:\TEMP. I couldn't print anything. I gave it full admin rights to this folder and I was able to pr
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