Windows 10 Professional With Spotlight Picture Update

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    I am updating this information on the Windows Spotlight pictures working as of 1/26/2019. After spending a number of hours I was finally able to get the Windows Spotlight picture software to work properly. I have attached a PDF file to explain the procedure. This procedure involves going into "regedit" and exporting a "creative" folder with all the Spotlight information which you will need. You will have to import it back into the "creative "regedit" folder on your PC or Laptop,
    You will be working with your local disk users id and also the packages for MicrosoftContent Delivery. Its all laid out in the PDF. Before you start this procedure make sure you change the Lock Screen back to "Picture" before you start these updates. You will be cleaning out temp files and log files if you follow this procedure.

    One of the areas where your spotlight pictures are stored is found in:
    local drive c/your users name/AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft Windows content delivery manage.../Local State/assets. Assets are where your pictures are you can delete them all and the next time your on the internet they will be updated. Check the dates when they are reloaded.

    Be patient after you complete this procedure,it works and yo will get a new Spotlight Picture

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