Windows 10 Update Disabler

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    Mar 7, 2014
    Neat program, sounds like it works similarly to ProcessBlocker. But your program lets Windows Updates run for a while before killing it each time.
    Very simple to disable Windows Updates completely. Nuke the exe!

    First go to Services and shut off Windows Update and disable it. Refresh Services to make sure it isn't running.

    Now navigate to \windows\system32\ and find files wuaueng.dll and wuauclt.exe. If you can find the former, then look for wuauserv.dll.

    For each, go to properties, security, advanced.
    Click change owner and type in your user name, Click Check Names to select your user name and Click ok. Then Click Apply or Ok on the main window and close it and reopen it.
    Now, you can change permissions for all users.
    Delete/Remove permissions from all users and Click Ok.

    If that doesn't work, then change owner to Administrator, close the window and try again.

    That's it.
    To re-enable, add "Read/Execute" permissions to System on wuaueng.dll or whichever dll you have. Doesn't need it on wuauclt.exe for some reason.