Windows 2003 - P2V reactivation question

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Rui Correia, Aug 25, 2018.

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    Jan 17, 2018

    =Here are my questions=
    I have 3 days to reactivate a 2003 system that I just P2V'ed.
    I don't know if it stops working or if it just stops allowing me to login on it's GUI at the end of the 3rd day.
    But either way, 3 days are not enough for me. I have many tests that I would like to run on this VM before I am confident that it is OK and that I can kill the old server.
    So, If I reactivate on the VM and suddenly I understand that there's any issues with it, can I still go back to the old server?
    Will the server still work?
    Will it complain about activation issues?
    Can I reactive back on the old HW server?
    On later systems (2008 an later) there appear to be KMS applications that could help me run my tests. Are there any similar apps for older systems such as 2003 (non R2)?

    =Here's detailed info on my setup and insight on why I am reluctant to activate on the VM=
    This is an old Compaq server that I just converted from physical to virtual using:
    - Disk2VHD to grab disk contents
    - WinImage to convert from VHD to VMDK
    I then created a new VM on a VMware ESXi 5.5 container, with more or less the same HW specs as the old server (CPU, RAM, NIC's, etc) and added the new VMDK.
    I've gone through the trouble of removing all unnecessary Compaq/HP drivers and software and installed VMware Tools.
    Windows license IS LEGIT. I am not trying to go non-legit. At the end, if the VM prooves to run flawlessly, I intend to activate 2003 on it permanently.
    For now, all seems fine with the VM's OS and software installed on it, but for now I'm not sure how reliable it is, since an installed piece of software has gone into 30 day trial mode due to Windows having gone into needing activation.
    That software is no longer sold nor it is supported by the vendor, it is not available for download, (re)licensing, etc.
    Summing it all up, it will work as long as the current system/hardware works.
    We've decided to go virtual on it because the current hardware is VEEERY old and might stop working any moment.
    Sorry for such a big post.
    Thanks in advance.

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