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Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Sparco Nl, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. Sparco Nl

    Sparco Nl MDL Novice

    Nov 7, 2008

    i have problems trying to instal it, ( the 7048/7057 versions )
    i've burnd serveral images ( al different downloads ) x64 AND x86
    but all does not want to instal, im getting an error of missing files at/after copying filles and it wants to unpak, and one i got furter, but then before te instalscreen for thingies as name and pass i get the same error of missing files

  2. mercindustries

    mercindustries MDL Novice

    May 13, 2007
    have you tried different media and trying to burn the dvd at lowest speed. usually works for me that way
  3. robert79513

    robert79513 MDL Member

    Jan 5, 2009
    This two build have problems with driver capability on my PC I must turn of aero to work properly. If aero was turn on system was crushing and blue screen was turn on
  4. PrEzi

    PrEzi MDL Addicted

    Aug 23, 2007
    It looks for me either like a burner issue or a problem with hardware (cables maybe) ?
    I did have that kind of problem with an old ata-burner where the cable was faulty.
    Since the Windows-installs are very sensitive in regards of any crc errors (moves for example will produce a 'blocking' issue and move on further)
    this may be the root cause of your problem.
    To test if I'm right just try to copy the iso on a pen/usb drive, and ask one of your friends to burn it (and install).
    That way you will be sure if your iso image is without errors.
    Second way would be to check the CRC/MD5 hash value.
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  5. HSChronic

    HSChronic MDL Expert

    Aug 25, 2007
    bypass the burn all together if you have a thumb drive that is about 4 gigs. It sounds like a media problem or a chipset/BIOS problem. Is the drive SATA? Have you any other drives to install on to? Have you checked the drive that it will not install on for bad sectors? If there are bad sectors you will need to run a tool to mark the sectors as bad in the drive's memory itself and tell it to use other sectors on the drive thus making your drive clean again.

    Things to try:

    1. Burn at 1x (or whatever the lowest speed you can burn at is)

    2. Copy the contents of the ISO to a thumb drive and boot from that and install

    3. BIOS update/change the drive to compatibility mode or regular SATA (not AHCI if it is enabled, disable it or try loading drivers for your hard drive chipset before hand)

    4. Different Hard Drive (if you have a credit card just go buy one at best buy see if it installs if it does then you know it is your hard drive, pack up the drive and return it, if it doesn't then you know it is your motherboard/chipset and again return the drive)

    5. Friends PC or Different PC with same media

    6. Reload old OS and wait for another build
  6. vjm530

    vjm530 MDL Novice

    Nov 26, 2008
    I had many of the same problems. I burned it normal and slow speed with PowerIso & MagicIso, tried different dl copies, etc over a period of 8+ hours with no success. Just error messages of missing files, etc. Finally I saw your 'USB' suggestion and Bingo. Installed in 20 minutes and things that didn't work on previous Win7 Builds suddenly were working perfect. I could not ever seem to set up my BlueTooth Mouse to work and now it does. This was the easiest install with very little tweaks for drivers, etc. that I have ever done. All because of your USB suggestion. Don't know why I never thought of it before but you are my Hero. Now I know how to repeat this for future builds with as little problems (if any) as possible. After all said and done I definitely think Win7 will be light years better than Vista. Thanks.;)