Windows 7 Backup problem (Error 0x81000037) need help

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by jul12, Mar 10, 2016.

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    I have problems when making backup for data with Windows 7 Backup tool integrated in Windows 7. I make backup for data using one user (user is administrator) and all works fine without errors. I make backup to *.vhd file as separate disk with NTFS file system. Backup completed successfully. After this I logged in with other user (user is administrator too) and make backup with this user backup completed with error 0x81000037. What go wrong and how to solve this problem. I cannot find solution in the Internet. Whole Internet with this error description but what is correct solution for this problem?
    Hard disk is encrypted with Bitlocker.

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    Your backup system failed to read a shadow copy to backup successfully, so this error will occur, To resolve the issue, Open CMD by searching CMD in start menu, then type dir /al /s, then press enter, it should list all files and folders listed as Junction.

    Do you have the mounted volume?
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    I have switched over to Paragon and Symantec backup for online machines as well as offline machines;
    I've only needed those programs for the online machines as the offline machines run fine...

    It might be worth your time to investigate these and other backup programs for your self... :)