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    Jan 2, 2009
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    I have found screenshots of this unreleased build 7012. they are attached to this post. However, it is unknown if these screenshots are fake or not, due to there is no known link to download it anywhere. So we will just have to play the waiting game, and look for build 7004, or a key crack for build 7000.

    I will keep searching for a torrent. if i find it, i might post that i have it here, and you guys can just i/m me for a linky. (depends on if its against forum rules). if anyone else finds it, EDITED B/C I DONT WANT MY PERSONAL CRAP IN HERE 8/8/10 i will be more than happy to help seed, and spread. and to the moderators/administrator: if i am not allowed to post this, please delete it. thank you, -James.

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    if you look at the first (winver) screenshot, it still says this built ends at the same date of built 7000, on the third pic, the watermark on the desktop still says it's built 7000, so it's fake broher ...
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    i heared about build 7015+ as well, but those pics looks kinda fake to me for example, we KNOW build 7000 is dated 12.12.08 and 7012 build is dated 15.12.08? 12 builds in 3 days, even altho i heared rumors that there is no build 1,2 & 3, but still there is 9 builds in 3 days, doubtful :< lets calulate a bit build 6936 is dated 23.10.08, so between 6936 and 7000 build there where aprox (if nothing was skiped) 64 builds in 50 days so bit more then 1 build / day in avarage...

    edit: im refreshing forums way to much... someone give 64bit 7000 (or newer) already!
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    LOL I'm doing the same thing myself. The only thing that would hold me back is that W7 would break almost all MCE addons that I use.
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    hmm, your right. i never really payed mind to that watermark since that logo was in the way. so. looks like its fake then, doesnt it? im going to do more searching around. il edit back later if i find anything.