Windows 7 doesn't boot up after using 7 loader

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by ibramoussadi, Oct 15, 2009.

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    Was my mistake, I used the old 7 loader 5 realese on an updated windows 7 from vista.

    I used the option None slic option 1 and i selected hp since my laptop is hp, and then it asked me to restart now it doesen't boot up, it stucks at the black screen right before loading the OS.

    If there is a way to unistall what 7 loader have installed on the laptop, that would be the solution i think. So, I have to know what files and what excatly loader 7 have done to my pc so I can remove it. I tried reparing from the windows 7 dvd but windows doesn't detect error, and also unfourtunatly i don't have any image backup to restore it using the option of restore that appears in windows dvd. I noticed that I can access to the files of the hard drive with the windows 7 dvd.

    I hope this problem can be solved otherwise i'll have to format the hard drive and lose everything and reinstall windows 7, that would be really bad. :(

    Could please the creator tell me what files and where exactly the loader has installed them so i can remove them, or if there is another way to do it easily, i'm all ears.
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    Have you tried repairing your computer using the windows dvd? You can fix your mbr, I think that is how the loaders work, maybe some can correct me.


    In case of some mistake and unable to boot, after booting through Windows 7 DVD, go to repair option in install window and go to command prompt, type attrib grldr -s -h. If grldr exist, it will be visible, you can delete it by typing del grldr. reboot your pc, system boots, correct your mistake and try again.

    Source: Learn & Manually Activate windows Vista & Windows 7 offline
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    What loader did you used? If was the Daz's one, goes to his thread:

    Program based Windows 7 loader

    If you used Hazar's l@ader go to:

    7Loader 1.6

    But your best alternative is The Official Windows 7 Repository:D to find a guide on how to recover your mbr.

    I hope it helps you.:)
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