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Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Sparco Nl, Nov 7, 2008.

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    Nov 7, 2008
    hey,, i was installing my compu drivers on windows 7
    BUT .... my realtec drivers wont instal ( network card, and lan card )
    it say's that i have an other OS then vista,, while my ati card installed en works fine, ( uses an other installing program ) does anyone know how i can instal it ? is uses instalshield ( i guess tryd yesterday )

    cheerss Sparco
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    try installing WinRAR and see if you can extract the files from the .exe from there you should be able to do an install if it gives you the INF files. If it is giving you problems installing and it is .msi based and you can't extract the files using WinRAR, then do this:

    1. Run the install program
    2. When it gives you the error about the OS open up your temp directory and arrange by modified date, there should be a folder called istmp or something like that. Copy that folder to your desktop
    3. Download Orca from Microsoft (google: orca)
    4. edit the MSI using orca. Search the MSI for the error you are getting, it will probably have a major and a minor build number in there, just change the build number to that of Windows 7 or just change it to 7.000.000 instead of 6.0.xxxx


    The drivers might or might not work for Windows 7 and could potentially corrupt your OS. So do this at your own risk.