Windows 7 dual booting with Windows 8

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    Hi guys.....long winded story but I need to explain my dramas...I realise Windows 8 is not all that popular; and I was of that opinion eversince it came out in beta: but I bought a new PC for Xmas and it came with Windows 8.1 installed, a set of DVDs and a I figured I'd try to force myself to use it.

    Problem being when I installed then plugged in my 2 X 2TB storage drives [music & movies] and my Win 7 O/S I couldn't figure out how to set it up to use the Win 7. Tried VistaBoot - but incompatable with Win 8 - so I went without.

    But horror of horrors....when i wanted to watch a bit of my offline pr0n, which had been hidden away from prying eyes by using Folder Lock v6, I couldn't access it. Tried to install the Folder Lock v6 again and it was incompatable with Win 8. Found, downloaded and installed v7 which is OK with Win 8, but evidently not with v6.

    So went without any pr0n for a while. Then I decided to upgrade from i5 4570 to i7 4790 and a bit more ram, did that today and figuring the Win 8 will probably need to be reactivated, I disable the sata ssd holding the Win8, did a juggle with the BIOS, did a quick insatll of Win 7 over the top of my old Win 7, activated it and updated, and installed Folder Lock v6....un encrypted the pr0n and moved it elsewhere.

    Am about to turn off, plug in the Sata SSD with the Win 8 and get going. My question is: given all the can I get the Win 7 to dual boot with the Win 8 as an option during boot up? Will probably want to continue using Win 8 - it is a bit easier to get used to if you use one of the Start Button softwares that resemble Win 7 style.

    Hoping someone can help with useful advice and/or procedures....
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