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  1. Brandrune

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    Jul 30, 2009
    1) All members must post in English. They are able to post their native language with it as long as they include an English translation. Your post will be deleted and possible infractions given if you do not take heed of this rule.

    2)Any threads that pertain to the buying/selling of keys will be deleted and possible infractions may be given. The only keys that are allowed to be posted here are OEM and MS SLP and Evaluation keys.

    3)At the moment, Windows 7 forum is very busy and so it is indeed difficult to moderate it and somethings problems just get out of sight. So: if you see any posting that doesn't seem to be proper - don't fear to press the 'report' button!
    It makes the moderator's work a lot easier. The days surrounding the 22nd of October will make the forums EXTREMELY busy. Please use the above utility.

    These rules are correct in posting at 13/09/2009. Subject to update.