Windows 7 Installation ISO -> .Reg questions and generally

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    Dec 5, 2013
    I'm tweaking my Windows 7 SP1 x64 installation ISO with dism (updates only) and all the tweaks and other options are applied with WinToolKit v1.4.1.28.
    I currently have some questions/problems I haven't solved, which therefore I write here smile.gif

    1. Start-Menu ->

    I want to be apply to delete the items on Start-Menu -> All Programs, which I include here:

    Startup (hide the folder)
    Maintenance (everything, including folder)
    Games (everything, including folder)
    Accessories -> Remove these: Command Prompt, Connect to a Projector, Getting Started, Paint, Remote Desktop Connection, Sound Recorder, Sync Center, Windows Explorer, Ease of Access, Windows Poweshell.

    Also I want to remove/disable the user picture on start-menu, I do know that's possible but I want to enable this tweak "pre-installed". Meaning I dont want to apply any tweaks nor any manually tweaks after the Windows installation, I just want that picture removed with the space if possible.

    2. Taskbar ->
    A second registry problem, I want to remove/delete pinned items on the taskbar. The .reg file is here below:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


    3. Samples/Folders ->

    Have may I delete these following folders and the contentin them (pre-done with Windows installation):

    C:\Users\*\Saved Games
    C:\Users\*\My Videos
    C:\Users\*\ -> Sample Pictue & Music

    4. UAC Icons ->

    I have removed UAC settings and disabled it via services and WinToolKit but the icons are still left, is their any registry hack to remove it or do I need a .bat script running silent in the windows installation/RunOnce?

    Thanks for your help and I may beg-pardon for any lackness in my english or grammar