Windows 8.1 - fresh install advice requested

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    Hello All,

    Reinstalling windows 8.1 on machine. Full wipe & reinstall.

    Through a laborious & tedious upgrade path, win 8 initial release ISO install, was fully updated - upto 8.1 pro (7 months ago).

    1. How can one establish what license type they have on any machine?

    Answer: Only one way I have found to uncover the 'channel' is in cmd prompt type: slmgr.vbs /dli

    2. After the 8.1 Nov 2014 update 3 - has anyone heard if there are any further rollup iso's being released, i.e is it likely there will be an update 4?

    3. No more digital river - so what ISO's (Pure/untouched) can I use with my retail key? (Don't want to use media creator as I believe this machine may be infected. I would Like an iso - sha check file and then check image against burned disc on a mac).

    UPDATE: Thus far, I have only been able to confirm: Embedded OEM key works with retail edition iso. Retail key won't work with VL ISO automatically, but workaround possible - however WMC might be an issue.

    4. I choose to disable/un-install/neutralise all back-ported windows 'spying' updates.

    Were those telemetry/spying updates embedded into the update 3 ISO('s) - thus making it impossible to un-install them?

    Would I still be able to prevent them from being active?

    My genuine and sincere thanks from any help you are willing to provide.