Windows 8 activation issue with updated ISO

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by m5215, Mar 6, 2017.

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    I have a Dell system that has its own Windows 8 license. I did not have Windows 8 to install so I downloaded one of Microsofts ISO's and it worked fine as it was activated when the install was done.

    The Microsoft ISO did not have the current updates so I went ahead and downloaded the Win 8 updates and used NTLite to build a new ISO. New new ISO was made with no errors from NTLite but when I attempt to use it during the Windows install it fails to see the Win 8 license in the system and prompts for a key but it did not do this with the original ISO from Microsoft.

    I can put a key in like a KMS key and the install completes fine with all the updates but of course its not activated so everything is there except the system activation with its own license. How did NTlite break the system activation? Is there a way to build an updated ISO of Win 8 and not kill the system activation? The system has its own valid Win 8 license so it should be available for Windows to use.
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    I don't know what NTLite did (or what you did using it) but you could try to use the oem folder from the MRP, it will use the oem:Dm key it finds inside the bios.

    I always use WHD + Abbodi1406's W8UI script to offline integrate the 8.1 Updates.
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    Aug 11, 2011
    OK I will look into how to do it that way as I really want an updated Win 8 ISO that will activate. Thanks Enthousiast!
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