Windows 8 DSP OEI

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    I understand the main limitation of this disk is that it can't be installed on more than one PC?
    I've searched MDL but can't find a workaround for this. If there is one could you point me to
    it. If not, any ideas? Cheers..
    looking at the other posts on WN8 OEM that have appeared since mine the only workable solution
    mentioned is the old ring M$ and say you've bought another mobo, etc - please reactivate.
    I was hoping the bright boys might have found a method which circumvents that. Who wants to
    talk to M$? But it's early days, the OEM is barely out. I'll buy it and try a few of the RTM approaches
    on a second PC.
    P.S. 247 views, no replies. Guess I should have added 'Query' to the thread subject.
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    DSP = Delivery Service Partner
    OEI = Original Equipment Installation

    From what I've been able to dig up it's supposed to be a full licensed version, very similar to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) but used for smaller companies. But this is the internet, so take that info with a grain of salt.