Windows 8 messed up my Windows 7 install?

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    I got the Developer Preview tonight and shrunk my Windows 7 partition by 50GB to install Windows 8 along side it. I didn't anticipate any problems because I could just remove the partition and remove the line in boot.ini. Well, I was wrong. I'm typing this inside Windows 8 because my Windows 7 refuses to boot. First it said that a file couldn't be loaded, I believe the error code was 0xc000000e. So I popped in my Windows 7 DVD and ran recovery which found 0 problems. I began searching the internet and came across rebuilding with BCDEDIT. I tried that and it still doesn't boot, now complaining about not being able to validate the signature of winload.exe. I'm normally not this helpless when it comes to computers but I'm utterly lost on this one. Any ideas on how to fix it?

    I have a corresponding thread in the Windows 7 section that I posted before this was approved. A moderator will probably want to delete this thread or the other. Either one is fine, I'm sure you guys have a preference as to where this should be.

    A "sfc /scannow" fixed the signature issue. I then had to re-patch my theme files and it boots fine now.