Windows 8 Pro with Media Center Installation ID Question.

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by 3bqruk, Jan 25, 2013.

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    Okay, I've successfully used windows download integrator to make windows 8 Pro with WMC disc. Upon install it shows windows 8 with media center build 9200 watermark. Now, I know I'm not activated yet (online method won't work,just phone.), so when I got to the page where you're waiting for the automated system to give you the confirmation ID, I just used the one they gave me before ( I saved- just in case). So, my question is, if I use this disc to install on a different machine, will my Confirmation ID work or will I be able to activate over the phone like before? Is installation ID tied to the machine or install key used? I know about saving activation folder. Thanks for reading:):)
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    Saving and restoring on the same machine should work, but not on other machine. - Key and ID is bind to some kind of hardware. In xp most 'points' are adressed to disk signature. Don't know the calculating in vista, w7, w8.
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    No. Whilst phone activation you see an activation key. This activation key is a combination of hardware hash and licence key. So this activation key differs if you use the same licence key on a different machine and the Confirmation ID will not work.
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    Beware before making any changes...any hardware changes leads to deactivation