Windows 8/Server Virtualization

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by jyaniv, Apr 25, 2011.

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    I must have missed something and somebody might know what

    Eventually needed to try Windows8-ReleasePreview-64bit-English in VMware Workstation Technology Preview 2012 (nothing moded for this exercise, just in case)

    Using default settings (hardware compatibility Workstation 2012, Windows 8 64-bit) it installs fine from iso, but never boots after that (stays on the Windows black logo)

    Changing the hardware compatibility to Workstation 8 makes it work OK (but I can never login to it, it just spins around)

    Then renaming vmware-vmx.exe to vmware-vmx-debug.exe (so I do not get the debug warning) I am back to the same as originally, it does not load & stays on the Windows black logo

    Anybody having any idea?

    Reinstalled it 4 times (as Workstation 8/Win7 x64) and eventually works