Windows 8 - Upgrade or Downgrade?

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    First read this...

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    I have not used Win8 that much, but this article disturbs me. So, many things have been changed to the negative. Feature added, yes. But, so many have been removed. Additional and enhanced functionality are good. But, removing and changing basic functionality that is used by a majority of users cannot be called an upgrade. It breaks the trust of the end user.

    MS can do whatever they want with their Windows product. But, removing functionality and then eventually withdrawing support (forcing an upgrade that has removed said functionality) may actually be an antitrust violation.

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    Aug 17, 2012
    Yeah well technology moves on. But WMC has always been a paid add-on to Windows XP Pro where as it came with Windows XP WMC edition. They gave it away in Vista (maybe because Vista was sooo bad, they knew it) and 7 because Windows 7 is just an upgrade to Vista. So they brought back the paid version to Windows 8.
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    Defo uprade it is so smooth and fast!
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    not really if an upgrade is worthy :confused:
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    Windows 8 > Windows 7.
    So much faster.
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    Media Center was the last thing I was worried about. There are so many things removed from the Win8 shell including the main feature that will drive business and a majority of consumers away... the start menu. It is THE navagation method for running applications installed in the last 9+ Windows OS. Now it is gone.

    Businesses will not use a thrid party app to add the start menu back in. Support issues alone will prevent that. So, that will require training for the corporate users and lost productivity.

    Don't assume that the average consumer has a technical knowledge base. Most consumers will never even think to or have the ability to find a start menu add-on.

    Microsoft has some complete blunders in it's OS pedigree. Yes, Win8 is in good company with WinMe, Vista. Third time's a charm? Or, 3 strikes... your out?

    EDIT: Imagine if one of the major auto makers put tank joysticks instead of stearing wheels in it's whole 2014 line up? Sure a small number of drivers would LOVE it. but....
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    I don't know whether you like Win 8, 2013 Q1 Win7 SP2 will be released.
    I will used Win7 and Win8 on my two PCs at the same time.
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    I was on the beta teams for many MS OS. This includes WinMe and Vista. There were many in the beta teams that were frankly stunned when MS announce RTM. Especially for WinMe. Many betas (including me) swore that they will never have WinMe on any of their systems. We all knew it was a mistake and voiced it to MS to no avail. I got that same feeling when Vista RTM'd. I did try to use Vista (OEM'd) and I lasted 1 month and downgraded to XP.

    Luckily, I had/have separate test PCs for testing. Yes, I currently have that same "mistake" feeling about Win8 and it will not be my main OS.
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    Aug 13, 2012
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    Major Businness is still on XP, every single one as standard user with no administrative privileges, neither internet(or just few sites ) available, so Windows 8 will be useless in every contition, whereas users usually do in automatic their tasks for good productivity..... do you expect they will learn loosing time an lower productivity? Modern UI will be rubbish, IT departments will not struggle with that, Business manager and masters will not allow this...:fuyou31:
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    Apr 9, 2011
    Really: Downgrade
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    Apr 9, 2011
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    hm you can undo renames and delete in XP, Vista and Win7 on normal and UAC location? :confused: Well I havn't found or stumbled on this well hidden function. If this function is so well known and so well found it probetly nobode uses? Or am I missing something?

    The other thing with UAC is, that it can be very anoying but for the better part it helps to realize to normal users that they have to know what they are doing now and that they can do potential harm to there system. Without UAC we would have many more viruses rumbling wild!

    Was there any time where the memory addresses accomplishes any bug tracking function? As I know they change on every restart and BSOD with the same error. This was also a pain to support from normal users who couldn't understand, that most of the BSODs writings wasn't even helpful to find the error. But for somebody who highly depends on UAC-triggering things to custumize his standard windows installation, this would be essential that he has now gone to far and has to fix something in order to not reinstall his windows every week.

    The main thing with his blog-post is, that he hates Metro, Ribbon-Bar, UAC and everything new past XP! The only thing he realy likes past XP is the Aero-Shiny-Chrome and that is a beast with a hunger for resources (that was one of the main failings of Vista of a to needy Aero). Some arguments circle around his hates and the rest is a bunch of highly special functions which the normal user doesn't even know or even needs for there everyday work.

    Hm yes Windows 8 is now reduced to an Ipad on desktop :confused: have I missed something? Let me clear things up: You HAVE an regular desktop in where you can run win32 (funny how now every processor can run in x64) programms. The only thing missing is the start-button. And yes you can lunch every win32-programm from within the metro-start-screen. MS even did studies on how much users depended on the Start-Button. Supriseingliy most people have there frequently used programms on the Desktop or on the taskbar pinned. Leaving out the 3-4 additional clicks to start a programm they want to use. Anybody here who hasn't to work hard, that not to many things clutter den desktop? :eek: A nother thing this MS researchers found out, that nearly nobody stared for several minutes after a system-start on the desktop, but "nearly" everybody started atleas one programm after a system-start (sometimes neatly cloaked with 3-4 clicks under the Start-button)

    :eek: is he realy that kind of masosist that he has to uses a platform which he despises (nearly) every inovation of the past decade :eek:. To get stuck on an x86 with not more than 3 Gigs of RAM an GPU of less than 1024MB RAM. Windows XP is a thing of the past. On a modern hardware (at least 3-4 years old) Windows 7 runs a lot faster than XP. I know that on experience of supporting PCs. I also think he doesn't know or want to remember the big issues with 95, 98 (and so many stayed on this thing lasting long after XP-release, 98SE (yeah with sometimes funktioning USB-Ports), ME (or 98 Third Edition, a chicken thing to avoid to switch to a more stable NT-based kernel which XP then was). With this pre-XP things of a unstable "OS", I had to reinstall every two weeks or at least after a BSOD which aperently provided much more information on how to fix the issiue as Windows 8 does. That he means of good behavier from Microsoft till Windows XP? And let's make one fact clear, that XP was for the same guys, which now highly critisize Windows 8, was not useable before the 2nd ServicePack! Before SP2 it was halve finished! FULLSTOP no discussion on this point allowed! :fuyou31: More Usable than everything before but not finished and the gloryfied thing which it was in his last breathes!

    Every new MS os had or have his critics but what now is blindly raging from some (kind of wanted to be influential and selfproclaimed) "proffessional" powerusers tops every release of a MS os I've known and mostly every big no no of Windows 8 circles around the fact, that there ist no Start-button which apperently the power user only used for not very commonly used programms. The highly function orientated Aero-Shiny-Thingy and the desktop-wallpaper are seemingly the main purpose of using a desktop-pc and in that category it is way supirior to the content oriented Metro-hartstoping-afulness and MS is THE root of all evil wrongdoings which is now done to everyone who wants to use a PC. I know many "proffessionals" who only citing PC-Mags who even never tried Windows 8 and probatly won't ever try Windows 8 which "well informed" predict, that Windows 8 will be the downfall of MS and the whole PC-Industries in the modern world and most of them use a Windows Phone, which they don't want to miss and has a simmilar touch and feel like the Metro on Windows 8.

    So enought of ranting and feeding the Windows 8-Hater-Trolls.

    PS: Let me remind you all of the fact, that Apple doesn't allow flash on there IOS devices, because it can't controll the api and the usage of flash and killed the Youtube app because Youtube is owned by Google which pushes a slaggiesh-, virus-containing Android (a plattform which you hardly can upgrade a device older than 6 month).