Windows 8 - Where to start?

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by Yuji Saeki, Oct 6, 2013.

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    Let's just establish it is all for educational purposes.

    So I've got a custom rig built. KMSpico works but with the tightening of Windows 8 down and configuration I'm running so that RPC is mutilated on purpose...KMSpico crashes a lot. Every few days I have to manually run it. I'd prefer a permanent method if any.

    So, BIOS mods. Where do we stand on their functionality and can it be done to make Windows 8 think it is licensed? I've got an ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z. I asked in BIOS mods if the latest BIOS to be modded for it. (threads/5865-MSI-AMI-bios-mod-requests-post-here?p=817083) Success...but what did it get me? A bit clueless on this end. Currently running Windows 8 x64 Pro WMC.
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    Where to start?
    Well you could always start by searching and reading what has been asked now since early 2013. Windows 8 can't use SLIC like Windows 7 did so No BIOS modifications for Windows 8.
    And if your having issues with KMSpico well there is a better solution -> MTK

    Also when you follow the link please read the big red NOTE

    SLIC 1.0 is for Windows XP, Windows Server 2008
    SLIC 2.0 is for Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
    SLIC 2.1 is for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2
    SLIC 2.2 is for Windows Server 2012
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    all kms activation is good for 180 days doesn't matter what you use kmspico or mtk and why would you run it every few days:confused:
    in your case it's for 30 days because you are running Windows 8 x64 Pro WMC.
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    If you want to make your life harder by mutilateing RPC you are right to do so. For real thightening down your System this isn't the real answer for your prayers. Have a brain and turn it on in this things is the most secure weapon you could have.

    If you realy want to harden down your system go realy off grid, turn off you pc, unplug all cables and thingies and hide or destroy the on button. And for the love of God don't even think of posting this great peace of advice on facebook with your smartphone with turned on GPS, microphone and camera(s)!

    One more tip for your own sanity: bother to read how and what KMSpico does for your Windows 8. This would have educated you that you only need it every 30 or 180 days as already mentioned in another reply. And also installing software for making illigal copies seem to be legal (only activateing your Windows doesn't make it more legal if you hadn't bought a license) and don't knowing or even want to understand what it realy is doing to your system is more dangerous than having a regular functioning RPC!

    Lastly If you realy want to have a permament (and also legit if this doesn't offend you) methode of activation: BUY THE DAMN THING!
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    I do search. You already understand the jargons in the scene. Quite rude. No less, thanks for the info you did leave behind and all following it: And if your having issues with KMSpico...