Windows Defender - The worst AV ever?

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    In the video it is shown that you should then click run and after a while stop again. The stopping time is non-zero, so a quick check can catch the status "UNKNOWN" (for a few seconds).
    For a console with administrator rights, if it doesn't stop we type net start WinDefend and stop again. It should be fine until I work it out completely. The second time with me, the console version always works. I have wscsvc, Sense and WdNisSvc left to analyze.
    If you see "green prompts" at the console from the beginning, then the stop is successful

    I don't know what system, to be honest I've only done it for W11, but it should work with W10. I can also send the x86 console version. Unfortunately exclusion will be needed, directly in the registry you can specify the path. The drag and drop method of file to program will be useful for quick entries with exclusions. The console version manifest is set to max:
                    <requestedExecutionLevel level="highestAvailable" />
    I'm inserting an image below so you know where the exclusions are and what I'm getting at. I myself use Defender Control and I have nothing against this tool, I just wanted without rebooting on demand to have or not have a defender because sometimes it comes in handy