Windows Live Messenger 14.0.8089.726 freezes Win 7 64 Bit Ultimate at end of Startup!

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by eBrY, Aug 24, 2009.

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    Aug 16, 2009
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    I spent the last 2 days wondering what was causing my Win 7 to freeze at the end of the start up after all programs etc. have loaded. I've had to hard reboot so many times trying to fix the problem and keep guessing what was wrong with my config. I thought I was going to have to reformat. However, I've narrowed it down to the recently upgraded Windows Live Messenger to be the culprit. Windows Live Messenger has NOT given me this freezing issue before, and I've used Windows 7/2009 messenger builds since the beginning. How do I fix this?

    I tried to uninstall WL messenger completely, but its not under "WL Messenger" in programs and features? I found microsoft live essentials and uninstalled there. This problem shouldn't have to do solely with the new build of Messenger, right? I've tried reinstalling, but same freezing issue when either starting up and it automatically loads, or even just pressing the icon and it would show the messenger list loading, but then the whole system stops responding to anythign I click/type. Please give me a sure fix to this problem, its driving me crazy and I can't be without my MSN messenger contacts/program and must use the latest windows live messenger. Please advise, thanks.
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    Is rare. I have no problem with that version of WLM. I use Windows 7 64 Bits too.
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    If you use the msi version instead of installer you can uninstall it just easy right click and then select uninstall.