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    Jan 26, 2014
    I have an OLD PC with asus p5sd2 -vm motherboard with Win 7 32-bit installed but its not working and showing Windows recovery options every time i open the computer this occur after installing AVG free antivirus 2014 on it and performing a virus scan and deleting some threats i dont know how to fix it and what does it means ?

    and plz read this if u want to help me install lubuntu :
    i decided to install Lubuntu instead so i go directly to and hit download in the upper side of the page and choose the standard PC 32-bit cuz its an old pc then i used unetbootin as they recommended ( unetbootin for windows cuz i used it in win 8.1 and xp) then i browse the ISO and hit ok and when it finished i clicked exit.

    Next step is installing the lubuntu on my old PC i attached the USB flash to the old PC and start hitting F8 and choose the flash drive to boot from it everything is alright till now.
    then the menu appears started with Default then Try lubuntu with out install and other options THE PROBLEM IS that when i choose any option by clicking Enter everything freeze and i cant use the keyboard so i must power off or restart the PC

    And plz note that i cant find the usb flash drive in the boot device priority i only find it in the menu when i pressing F8 (please select boot device screen)

    And note that I think the hard drive was facing some issues in the past

    oh i forget to say that the lubuntu on the flash drive working fine in another computer

    Please guys i need ur help and thank u in advance ^_^
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    If it were my machine, first thing I'd do is uninstall AVG, then I'd run the system file checker (sfc /scannow) and if that didn't help, do a Windows repair install. Failing that, use whatever built-in system restore utility you have to bring the machine back to out-of-the-box configuration. Of course if you have a system restore point or system image to return to an earlier state try them.

    If all of that failed, download Windows 7 via links provided by this forum, verify the download and reinstall Windows.

    As far as Linux goes, I prefer LinuxMint Cinnanmon. 17 is what I have; there may be a later version.

    And then again, you may have to face the fact your Asus p5sd2 is at the end of its useful life.
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    Dec 28, 2013
    I think Keyboard problem. Just check your keyboard once.