Windows Update Downloader (WUD) - Windows 7 SP1 x64 missing and replaced updates

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  1. A-bit_Tinkerer

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    Mar 24, 2014
    I know it takes a lot of work to create and maintain a list of Windows Updates, so I thank those who created the WUD update lists. I downloaded the "windows-7-sp1-x64-enu.ul" file dated 2014-03-12 to compare with my own list that I have maintained since the release of Windows 7 SP1.

    There are sixteen (16) updates that are missing from "windows-7-sp1-x64-enu.ul". These updates were included in the Windows Update "Check for Updates" that is manually run on a monthly basis. These updates have not been replaced, which was confirmed with the Microsoft Update Catalog.

    MISSING: updates that need to be added to "windows-7-sp1-x64-enu.ul" file:
    [1] KB2532531
    [2] KB2861855
    [3] KB2862152
    [4] KB2862973 (prerequisite: KB2862966)
    [5] KB2868725
    [6] KB2882822
    [7] KB2809215 (Note 1)
    [8] KB2809900 (Note 1)
    [9] KB2574819 (Note 2)
    [10] KB2830477 (Note 2)
    [11] KB2857650 (Note 2)
    [12] KB2913751 (Note 2)
    [13] KB2592687 Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 8.0 update (prerequisite: KB2574819)
    [14] KB2923545 Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 8.1 update
    [15] NDP45-KB2898869 Security update for the .NET Framework 4.5.1
    [16] NDP45-KB2901126 Security update for the .NET Framework 4.5.1

    Note 1: Updates KB2809215, KB2809900, and KB2823180 are all part of update
    KB2823180. Install the three updates in the order listed.

    Note 2: Updates KB2574819, KB2830477, KB2857650, and KB2913751 are all part
    of update KB2830477. Install the four updates in the order listed.

    There are twenty (20) updates listed in "windows-7-sp1-x64-enu.ul" that have been replaced. The Microsoft Update Catalog confirms that the update has been replaced. The replacement sequence is shown below.

    REPLACED: updates that need to be deleted from "windows-7-sp1-x64-enu.ul" file:
    [1] KB2488113 :--> KB2670838
    [2] KB2505438 :--> KB2670838
    [3] KB2511250 :--> KB2670838
    [4] KB2522422 :--> KB2670838
    [5] KB2741355 :--> KB2670838
    [6] KB2556532 :--> KB2709715 --> KB2724197 --> KB2799494 --> KB2813170 --> KB2859537 --> KB2872339
    [7] KB2620712 :--> KB2813170 --> KB2859537 --> KB2872339
    [8] KB2644615 :--> KB2859537 --> KB2872339
    [9] KB2790113 :--> KB2859537 --> KB2872339
    [10] KB2476490 :--> KB2564958
    [11] KB2503658 :--> KB2544893
    [12] KB2524375 :--> KB2616676* --> KB2641690 --> KB2718704*
    [13] KB2525694 :--> KB2555917 --> KB2567053 --> KB2617657 --> KB2639417 --> KB2660465 --> ...
    ... KB2641653 --> KB2676562
    [14] KB2529073 :--> KB2862330**
    [15] KB2645640 :--> KB2875783
    [16] KB2677070 :--> KB2661254 --> KB2808679
    [17] KB2719985 :--> KB2757638
    [18] KB2791765 :--> KB2820331
    [19] KB2820197 :--> KB2900986*
    [20] KB2835361 :--> KB2855844

    * 3x: Refer to Security Bulletin Update FAQ for replacement information.
    ** 1x: Refer to Microsoft Update Catalog for replacement information.

    Note that I only checked the Windows 7 SP4 64-bit (x64) "windows-7-sp1-x64-enu.ul" update file.

    I would welcome comments on the missing and replaced updates I have listed.
  2. A-bit_Tinkerer

    A-bit_Tinkerer MDL Junior Member

    Mar 24, 2014
    Regarding the updates that were replaced/superseded, I did use the Microsoft Support Articles and Security Bulletins to determine the replacement sequence. The exception was item [14] KB2529073 which is listed as replaced by KB2862330 in the Microsoft Update Catalog. However, by comparing which binaries (files) are listed in the Microsoft Support Articles, it can be determined that KB2529073 is replaced by KB2862330.

    The update replacement can be confirmed by starting with the Microsoft Support Article or Security Bulletin for the update listed last (most recent on listed on right), and then going thru the replacement sequence in reverse order. For three (3) updates indicated (*), it is also necessary to review the Security Bulletin Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) so see the updates(s) that were replaced.
  3. steven4554

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    Jul 12, 2009
    I did not know that, thanks. In next month's patch Tuesday, I will look in this area for replaced updates.

    As for KB2529073, it will be removed in the next available lists!
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