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    My problem is related to two drives seagate 80 gb old 5400rpm and 1 TB WD. My first drive(80gb seagate primary) had Windows 10 (1607) on it. I then installed Win10 (1709) on another WD 1TB drive 80gb logical(1TB with two logical partition 80gb/850gb).

    Now I finally happened to settle for 1709 and wanted to get rid of 1609 version. I booted into 1709 and I wiped the partition which contain most of the stuff on 1607 drive. I forgot to change the 1709 partition to primary. Now my pc won't boot up as my os is in logical drive. So please help me .

    Disk 0 - 1TB WD
    Disk 1 - 80GB SEAGATE

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    Why in god's name did you create logical partitions on a separate hdd in the first place? Even windows would create primary partitions (max 4 per hdd (MBR) and 128 on GPT).
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    AOMEI Partition Assistant can also convert logical disk partition to primary (non-free) and do mbr-gpt conversion (free), if MiniTool won't work.
    You can run it from inside windows setup (shift+f10 cmd) or under recovery mode cmd.