Windows XP Pro on Dell Refurb with MS COA Key/Sticker

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    Found these forums after a lot of googling, really freakin' cool place.
    Any way, like the title says. I have a Dell refurb w/ an original (prestine) Dell/MS COA Sticker for Windows XP Pro. I am assuming this machine needs an OEM version of windows? I downloaded and checked an ISO (Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3 (x86) - CD VL (English) ) from the XP Repository. I also did the OEMBIOSTEST identified and downloaded the correct dell Files. I'm still very noob so please bear with me. I want to use the key with this machine. Do I create an SLP CD of the ISO I downloaded . Do I need to do a MOD to the BIOS also?

    Figured it out. Created an SLP CD with modified winnt.sif with my legit Key. It activated and validated.
    Now to figure out how to transfer a Win 8 Upgrade to that machine and make it 64bit & legit!
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