Windows XP SP1/SP1a untouched ISOs from MSDN, are these real?

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    I remember seeing one of these ISOs some years ago, so I decided to Google for them. The only result I can find is a torrent with 1.5TB that includes English and Russian ISOs for almost all Windows since 1.0 to NT 6.3, each ISO as a SHA in the same folder. I managed to get the SHA for these:

    421d69a526668fe2141b10adec817bc8247d6ae8 en_winxp_home_with_sp1.iso 522.8 MB
    bf300c3f204900479e190ffcb18936838e4cc870 en_winxp_home_with_sp1_oem.iso 522.8 MB
    c45875cb3b9ac8bface936625fd4433f0898364a en_winxp_home_with_sp1a.iso 518.8 MB
    2e0ecac222a13b4b0ccb609500106a406d2f3c8c en_winxp_home_with_sp1a_oem.iso 518.8 MB
    02695740d94ffb094fc3e80a7111c9501d534f6d en_winxp_pro_with_sp1.iso 539.6 MB
    9bf0e6f57c72a382994df5b419ce99ee8be2deb9 en_winxp_pro_with_sp1_oem.iso 539.6 MB
    4d3eb8c01f95a323853f5d1615970b15aaeadbb7 en_winxp_pro_with_sp1_vl.iso 539.6 MB
    f11f8615131d2d50cf1d7494bc56e133725b28d4 en_winxp_pro_with_sp1a.iso 535.6 MB
    3b81152fcf3909af2c4d426a2ea86caea67b7f70 en_winxp_pro_with_sp1a_oem.iso 535.6 MB
    6b41c27d9412b6236d996f54c579909899ee4b55 en_winxp_pro_with_sp1a_vl.iso 535.6 MB
    Are these untouched Windows XP SP1/SP1a ISOs?

    EDIT: to find such torrent, google for "Microsoft Windows Collection" or any ISO above. Torrent file is almost 4MB in size and crashes uTorrent 2.2.1, so I had to switch to qBittorrent to take a look "inside".
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    If you google the SHA1 of the files there seems to be a lot of information about that file.

    For example on a forum I found they posted this about this SHA1:
    2) SP1 (with service pack 1)
    Version : 5.1.2600.1106
    File Size : 548,194,304
    Authoring Tool : CDIMAGE 2.47 (10/12/2000 TM)
    GMT Code : E4
    Volume Name : XRMHFPP_EN
    Volume Serial Number : 133B-5190
    Date & Time : 08/29/2002, 12:00:00
    MD5 Checksum : 50682acc2e5a236f012768820fec3dd7
    SHA1 Checksum : 421d69a526668fe2141b10adec817bc8247d6ae8
    ExclCRC : 0xD3DE449A (00000000 - 0009D7FF) / 0xC14463DE (00000000 - 20ACC7FF)
    AutoCRC : 0x8E582C9C (00000000 - 0009D7FF) / 0xA5ED7D8B (00000000 - 20ACC7FF)
    Someone in this forum worked with Windows XP SP1 files.

    And if you look at the SHA1 of the Volume name of that file it's different.
    XRMHFPP_EN.ISO / 548,194,304 bytes / SHA1:b273c8d41e3844e3e46722f52f5a4cf9f206c8d0 / Home Edition (Retail Full)
    Hopefully that helps with your investigations.

    Conclusion: :dunno:
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      File: en_winxp_home_x86_build2600_iso.img
    CRC-32: ffffffff
       MD4: 09989a5d94262428d6a83b800f555f77
       MD5: be40eeca3a2734773159642997aa50f7
     SHA-1: b273c8d41e3844e3e46722f52f5a4cf9f206c8d0
    This is RTM with no SP (ie SP0)

    421d69a526668fe2141b10adec817bc8247d6ae8 is the SHA1 of SP1 version
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    I suspected they were correct, just needed a confirmation. This torrent is going nowhere so I found another (different names but same SHA1) that seems to be working, contains RTM, SP1, SP1a, SP2, SP2b and SP3 in OEm/Retail flavours for Home and also Volume for Professional. Googling for "Windows XP English Collection (MS ISOs)" should lead you to the same torrent.