Windows Xp sp3 oem for vmware / Login problem

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    Reading this forum, I've done my oem cd of windows xp sp3 for a hp bios in vmware.

    I started from a vlk version of xp sp2. I slipstreamed sp3. Transform vlk to oem. And it's working fine. Installation is ok, windows is genuied, perfect.

    Except that I've got problems with the welcome screen for users having a password. I click on the user. Windows shows me the box for entering password and ... not cursor and impossible to type anything. Nevertheless if I do ctrl-alt-del I can obtain the login box and there I can type the password. Strange ... In fact that happens when I have done a login/logoff with the same (or an other) user. After startup of windows it's fine. Login with a user. Logoff. Impossible to the a password.

    Any idea ?

    edit : just tried with that image (WINDOWS.XP.PRO.SP3.32-BIT.(X86).HP.COMPAQ-CD4E1902.OEM) from that post (17843-Windows-XP-PRO-SP3-SP2-OEM-CDs-32-bit-64-bit) and it's not working. Same problem.
    Also tried on another pc with another vmware player version. Same problem. So ... ?