Wipe Win 7 Home and replace with 7 Pro or Ultimate

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Holden von Vloppen, May 21, 2013.

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    May 16, 2010
    I have a Lenovo laptop that came with Windows 7. I've had it about a year. Some recent behavior leads me to suspect it may be infected with some undetectable malware. More than once my Kaspersky Internet Security has failed to load properly. Windows pops up an error message telling me of that. In some cases, I've run Kaspersky from its icon and then it was reloaded. In other cases, Kaspersky has managed to reload on its own. It always pulls up the option to send the report to Kaspersky. I've done a deep scan with Malwarebytes and it didn't find anything. I did another deep scan with the Kaspersky rescue CD and didn't find anything. That one is not the Kaspersky that I bought. That's the free rescue disk that you can download as an ISO and then burn to a CD. It boots as its own Linux distro and then networks and updates its antivirus defs. It's a good way to do a deep scan because it's scanning without Windows running, making it so the viruses cannot run and use their sneaky tricks to hide from scanners.

    However, despite these checks, Kaspersky keeps getting thwarted from time to time. I'm considering just formatting the hard drive and starting from scratch. My options are:
    1. Run the system restore disks that I made when I first got the computer, thus reinstalling Windows 7 Home.
    2. Install a downloaded copy of Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate and then activate it with the Daz loader.
    I'm leaning toward #2. I have a desktop machine with Win 7 Ultimate & Daz that works great. I like starting a machine from scratch with no crapware. I run LibreOffice Writer on both my laptop and on my desktop and use a lot of hot keys for special macro functions. There are some hotkeys that work on my desktop PC, but not on my laptop. I suspect that it's because of residual junkware. When I first got this laptop, it had some junkware, though not a ton like HP and Dell does. But there was some that I had to get rid of.
    I would likely install Win 7 Pro (or Ultimate) and then “Daz” it and then use a cool program named Driver Genius to automatically find all my drivers. I could even conceivably use that program before the change to save all my drivers first and then just install them. In any event, this laptop is over a year old. I don't anticipate having difficulty obtaining the drivers that it needs. However, that leads to some questions.
    1. When the Daz loader “OEMs” my laptop, do I need to make sure it makes it a Lenovo and the same model I have? I'm wondering if Driver Genius will need that in order to get the right driver/software for it, especially things unique to it like the web cam.
    2. Or would I be better off just using my recovery disks and sticking with the Windows 7 Home that it came with.
    3. Is there any reason for going for Ultimate instead of Pro?
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    Download a copy of MSDN Windows 7 SP1 Media Refresh. Then wipe the HDD and install it. As your PC came with Windows 7, then it already contains SLIC 2.1. Daz's loader just install proper cert and key for you.

    Pro < Ultimate (more features :D).

    Its better to download drivers from Lenovo support. For specific hardware (as Video), you can download them directly from manufacturer's website.

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