wondering - can .vbs scripts live inside of a .dll file ? I have no idea but.....

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    I have a little project I am working on. Nothing earth shattering, just something for my own amusement more than anything else.

    In Windows 7 I have created a folder called "APPs" within my UserProfile. In this APPs folder I place all my software shortcuts. Just a place to keep things tidy and not have my Desktop cluttered up with lots of links.

    Just the other day I figured out how to change these links to the .exe files with .vbs files which will when clicked on will close the APPs folder Window and run my chosen application. Then if I make shortcuts of these .vbs files I can change the icon to resemble the application in question, i.e Notepad.So when the APPS folder is opened all I see are icons.

    This I really like, don't judge me, I am easily pleased. :eek:

    Which does mean I have to find a place for my .vbs files to live. At the mo the are placed within a hidden folder within the APPs folder. This works well but is bugging me. I feel I can make this tidier.
    For example the icons for the .vbs shortcuts live inside a .dll file i have created and lives in C:\Windows. One file holding a lot of icons and easily pointed to and called from.

    What i was thinking is can my .vbs files also live inside a .dll file and be esily pointed to and called from ? This may sound totally ridiculous to you clever lot but i have honestly no idea if this is at all possible.
    My web searching as turned up nothing for me so me thinks this is not the way to go about things.

    Just wondering is there a better way to keep and hide my .vbs files or storing them inside a hidden folder a good one.

    Any ideas or feedback would be cool.