Worth to buy Windows 7 home premium for home use ? Have you spend 199 $ or would you?

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by whitewolf573, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. whitewolf573

    whitewolf573 MDL Novice

    Mar 25, 2010
    I ask this because i don't now (we can left outside what say EULA, and what is legal or not , at le
    ast for home) , if anyone here, has thought in buy a windows 7 license, and why.

    I never have bought one , and i am thinking in do it, mostly for have a physical media, but i think that is a bit stupid,as there are isos in internet , that matches perfectly with msdn ones , so i undestand that they are exactly like a bought dvd.

    An for activation reasons, with a bios mod, and a SLP Key , is quite difficult to microsoft to catch us and get deactivated , no ? , so yo will have a genuine and reliable windows 7.

    This days i was thinking in buy a Windows 7 home premium (professional is too excesive , for only xp mode and 2-3 small differences) retail full version box that is 199 $ , but i don't know if for home use , for learn to modelling in 3d,learn photoshop and things like that outside a job / business , i should buy it , and if worth it.

    Will microsoft call to my door to ask me why i am use a "pirated windows" i don't think so , what worries me is the reliability and performance of the OS.

    If use it not genuine, not bought is a problem for that , i would buy it , but if not , what should i do ?

    Download the iso , burn it , and use my already bios modded with the cert, and oem slp key , no ? ...
  2. Taser

    Taser MDL Junior Member

    Feb 26, 2011
    We cant make decisions for you

    Your life, Your money, Your choice

    If i were you, I would donate $199 to the Linux Foundation or EFF
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  3. blackranger

    blackranger MDL Senior Member

    Dec 28, 2009
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    So you are asking the members from "A site of loaders" for suggestions of good reasons to purchase Windows 7?
    It sounds funny for me. I suggest you use Daz's Loader. You can see those features from the official page.
    Modding BIOS or simply using a loader is what you have to decide.
    Loader is always safe while BIOS mod is relatively less safe (especially on notebooks).
    Paying for a real Genuine Windows would always be the last choice.

    Lastly, please don't make silly guesses. Microsoft is not something you have to afraid of.
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  4. whitewolf573

    whitewolf573 MDL Novice

    Mar 25, 2010
    I think my netbook has SLIC 2.1 , so i wouldn't need to mod it. And the pc , is modded since last year. I have been using some time windows 7 with bios mod. But i don't now why lastly i have been asking me about the reliability of bios moding or using piracy windows and the supposed diferences that could be between a genuine windows and a downloaded from bittorrent for example.
  5. Zexy

    Zexy MDL Novice

    Feb 26, 2008
    The reliability of a download, be it from whatever source, can easily be checked by comparing hashes to those posted by the big "M". If the hash don't match then don't use it. MDL has enough links posted that getting a legit ISO download should be the least of your worries.

    As for modded bios, is there a possibility of it being detedted in the future?....sure, there's always that possibility but you also have to weigh that against likelyhood of such happening. Personally, I think it unlikely at this point that they will waste time on Win7 protections to try and detect bios mods. I think that will come in a future Windows/Microsoft product.
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  6. odinthegreatone

    odinthegreatone MDL Junior Member

    Dec 4, 2008
    If you are running a business, you should have full legit versions of all software and operating systems you are using as you are more liable if you do get caught then if you run unofficial versions at home.
  7. -JC-

    -JC- MDL Novice

    Sep 20, 2010
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    You can use a Upgrade Version from Windows 7 to install it on your new PC... but it's not allowed! (MS EULA)
    (You have to Upgrade from an older OS)

    Just use a System Builder Version.
    (Sorry I can't post a Link due Newbie limits - Just search at Amazon.com for "windows 7 system builder")

    I use an Windows 7 Ultimate System Builder and I'm happy with it. :)
    (Of course a Windows 7 Home Premium Version is fine for the most users.)

    The System Builder Version has only:
    -One DVD with the 64-Bit or 32-Bit Version of Windows 7
    -One "OEM Preinstallation Kit" DVD [My Ultimate Edition has one]
    -A small "First Steps/Welcome" Booklet

    It has not
    -Free Microsoft Support Calls **
    -A manual
    -The 64-Bit and 32-Bit Version

    But... who cares/who needs this?! ;)

    Buy a System Builder Version it's not expensive! :hypocrite:

    (At the Full Version you have 3 free Microsoft Support Calls - I'm not sure about the number but I think thats right)
  8. racky29

    racky29 MDL Senior Member

    Aug 2, 2007
    me personally, if i was gonna spend money on Microsoft products like a couple hundred dollars or so
    i would invest it on a Technet account, and then you would have all windows editions to choose from, together with all office editions and much more, and they would be all legitimately activated.
    but this is something else to think about, but doubt if you would regret it
  9. -JC-

    -JC- MDL Novice

    Sep 20, 2010
    @ acrsn

    This workaround is working... YES... but it's not allowed. Read Microsofts License Agreement!
    (Again: I can't post links... :( not yet...)

    You wrote: "You can get a new sealed legit 7 Home Premuim Upgrade (it's a full version) [...]"

    All I wan't was/is: To tell him, that it is not (official) allowed -by Microsoft- to use this Version as a "Full Version!"
    (And that the System Builder is cheaper -and legal for use at new systems- :))
  10. Trinket

    Trinket MDL Senior Member

    Feb 20, 2010
    Well, ya know, it is a product made by a company that can only legally be used if you buy it... so what are you really asking? Whether or not you will use the product, or if you will use it but no pay for it? It is kind of sad that the legal use of the software is now almost becoming an exception and almost strange on this forum...
  11. R29k

    R29k MDL GLaDOS

    Feb 13, 2011
    You have slic 2.1 modded bios and asking about buying :wha: Just download Daz's loader and hit install, it will install cert and key by default and leave you Licensed (untouched)
    If Microsoft come knocking you open the door and say "arr" and close it.
  12. jjjhs

    jjjhs MDL Novice

    Dec 30, 2010
    Yeah, if you have a SLIC 2.1 it's just a moral issue.

    Win 7 HP OEM costs $99, that is a good deal for most who don't have endless supplies of cash to decide every day their system is outdated and must build a new one every day, and home users IMHO are unlikely to have need of the features in Pro/Ultimate and even if they did cheaper or free alternatives, that are often better, exist.

    I don't think the guys in black suits will visit your house either.
  13. whitewolf573

    whitewolf573 MDL Novice

    Mar 25, 2010
    It isn't for any business just for my home use,and for 3D modelling / CG (but just as a hobby).
  14. oneextraid

    oneextraid MDL Member

    Jul 29, 2009
    Technet is the way to go if you must be legit.
  15. percha

    percha MDL Novice

    Jun 10, 2010
    No tengo ni idea
  16. chnix

    chnix MDL Member

    May 16, 2010
    Please, use the english language in this forum...

    P.S.: sent you a private message.
  17. zahnoo

    zahnoo MDL Senior Member

    Feb 2, 2011
    Yeah it's worth it .... spend your money and help Microsoft out.
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