Wow O wow 2 Windows 7 on same system

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    Yes, I was foolish enough to try it. I only did because for some reason a Vista install showed up after 12 months on a drive I wiped and used as a "spare". No, I was not high. :rolleyes:

    I admit I used it for a "folder" after installing Windows 7. When I saw the boot lo*der show up I was like ***? Dismissed it as a "quirk".

    3 days later it could not be erased, harassed, deleted or anything. I had set my default folders and had a nice set up that I was proud of. :D

    I could not live with this bad set up. I tried to remove, delete, harass and cuss it away as well as use all the tools the interweb offered. No luck! :eek:

    I tried the repair disk I had made, no luck. I tried safe mode, no luck. I tried cussing!!! Nothing worked. I even tried boot pro and BCD. :mad:

    I tried to install XP and Vista over it. Guess not?? Bastards! Wondow always said it could not format, so I tried Paragon and OO. I got a big OO-Noo

    OK, I did another install of 7 and guess what? It gave me the boot lo*der only for the latest 1. Grr! Surprise.

    Cussing and sweating I did everything. Google sucked too. OK Fresh install again- hdvlfktdjdsr;kbf!

    I did find out after several restarts (my last before reinstall after a full wipe of disk-It was partioned) It did list 2 W-7's in boot. Original came up as "recovered" after I tried XP and Vista from a flash drive for the last attempt.

    Next boot listed both W-7's and I picked the recovered one. Nice! Maybe I was high and did not know it from second hand smoke.

    I have used Vista Boot 3.3 (free on web) to erase the new one and have rebooted 3 times with no problems.

    Hope no one has this problem but just in case, here is the start to recovery.