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Discussion in 'Windows Vista' started by Robster400, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Robster400

    Robster400 MDL Novice

    Apr 29, 2009
    As i understand it (correct me if im wrong) wow6 patches ram at boot to 'fix' the bios slic table passed to windows.
    The question is, does the software that patches, stay resident to hold the patch or exit after its done its thing?

    The reason i ask is i've got to go activate a mates pc sometime soon, but hes a avid online gamer, and many of the games run punkbuster, VAC, & Hackshield anticheat software.
    as anyone may know, they are very sensitive to software that plays with memory adresses, and will kick/ban accounts at will.

    Can anyone comfirm they are using wow6 without such issues before i drive 50 miles to go do something that may be pointless?

    Thanks for any advice with this :)
  2. 911medic

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    Aug 13, 2008
    I cannot answer this question, but is there a reason not to SLIC the bios??

    I cannot see an AVID gamer on an intel board, for example..:D:D
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  3. Robster400

    Robster400 MDL Novice

    Apr 29, 2009
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    Well, its a shop bought packardBell pc, with windows xp MCE on it, i did think about going the bios way, but changed my mind as my friend wished to have the ability to restore the original o/s (from his backups) should he not enjoy vista.
    Maybe in the future when he decides hes happy to stick with vista i guess the bios can be done, but until then a loader will have to suffice i guess....

    he's not the fastest to make a decision, so dont say he gets 30 days to make his mind up with vista :D