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    Microsoft Windows has a built-in downloader that is well known to be very slow even if you have good internet connection. It has limited ports for download and save any downloaded file to the folder you specify as default. After complete download you will need to move your files according to its type to other folders. This is time consuming and needs a lot of efforts. In addition, if you have slow internet and your download stop from any reason, you need to start it again as it is impossible to resume again.

    Internet Download Manager Corp. (subsidiary of Tonec Inc.) started Internet Download Manager project in 1998 during trials to develop network libraries and console applications for accelerated files downloading. With continuous development and improvement, Internet Download Manager recently became a popular application with more than twenty million users worldwide. You are welcome to give Internet Download Manager a try to handle your downloads.

    What is IDM?

    Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a comprehensive software that will solve all your download problems so that everything will be done in an automated way. It will increase the download speeds by up to 5 times, resume broken downloads and schedule downloads to be completed at later time.

    The program integrates into all popular browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome so that you need to click on the download link and the program will download, categorize and save the file for you

    IDM has multilingual support, zip preview, download categories, scheduler pro, sounds on different events, HTTPS support, queue processor, html help and tutorial, enhanced virus protection on download completion, progressive downloading with quotas (useful for connections that use some kind of fair access policy or FAP like Direcway, Direct PC, Hughes, etc.), built-in download accelerator, and many others.

    Internet Download Manager supports proxy servers, ftp and http protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG video content processing. It can dial your modem at the set time, download the files you want, then hang up or even shut down your computer when it's done.


    Current version: 6.33 build 2

    Release date: May 11, 2019


    IDM is multi language, the default is English. You can enjoy using the program in your own language with more than fifty languages supported , If you want to change the interface language, simply download translation files for your native language here: http://www.internetdownloadmanager.com/language.html

    Now, extract the zip file contents to the root Folder in “C:/Program files”, Finally restart the program





    How IDM is working?

    The program uses a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate your downloads. Unlike other download managers and accelerators Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically during download process and reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve best acceleration performance.

    Free Trial:

    The download link helps you to install the free trial version of the application. You can use it for 30 days with no functional limitation. After the trial is over, you need to purchase a license to continue using IDM.

    Size: 7 Mb



    The program is available for purchase in different options according to the duration or the number of computers you need to use. After purchase; a link to the retail version will be sent to you. The full version has a number of additional features such as no usage limitations, better utilization of bandwidth, built-in download logic optimizer, in addition to lifetime use, free updates and good technical support.

    Registration of IDM:

    After purchase, you will have your license key. Simply fill this form and activate online


    System requirements:

    Windows XP to Windows 10 (both 32- 64 bit versions), 12 MB of free disk space and 512 Mb RAM

    User Interface:


    The main program window is very friendly, intuitive, easy to use and well arranged. There are four main parts in the main interface; upper menu toolbar, main functions (download) toolbar, download files list and categories tree on the left side. The upper menu includes 6 buttons, these are Tasks, File, Downloads, View, Help and Registration. If you click on any of these buttons, there will be drop down menu with many underlying options.

    The main toolbar is located below the menu bar and shows the most popular features you will need in daily use. (For example; Add URL, Resume, Stop, Stop All, Delete, Delete All Completed files from the list, Options, Scheduler….). The program lets you customize this toolbar regarding the general look with the skins included and the buttons using the view menu option


    The download file list will offer you all additional information about any file you have downloaded. You can check file name, size, download status, estimated time to complete, current download speed, date and download description. You can rearrange the list using any of these headings according to your wish. Simple click on the on the column header will sort the files in the way you want. You can select the columns and move up or down using right click menu and click on columns option. You can also rearrange files using view menu rearrange option and select the arrangement way you like.


    Menu options:


    Task menu includes download, batch download, site grabber, import, export and exit.


    File menu shows options to start, resume, stop or remove download.


    Downloads show scheduler, find, options, speed limiter, pause all or delete completed downloads.


    View include options to hide categories, arrange files, customize toolbars, tray icon and language.


    Help menu: includes help topics and registration info


    Customize the User Interface:

    If you are one of the users who don’t prefer the classic look of the program, no problem; you can use different skins to change the program look. These skins are available using look for new toolbar option" located under toolbar menu or more easily visit this page:

    here: https://www.internetdownloadmanager.com/support/toolbar2.html

    All you need to do is download the skin file and save it to the program folder then restart the program. You will find the new toolbar look will be available in the toolbar menu; located under view button

    Download categories:

    This is a very useful built-in feature that replaces the windows save feature. Now, you will have 5 categories to save each file according to its type with no need to move the file and select a location. These categories are compressed, documents, music, programs and video. The downloaded files will be automatically categorized according to the default option unless you manually change the default location using the program settings. In addition, you can add more categories, simply use right click menu of the categories to add a new category and rename it

    New Features:

    All new features and changelog details are available here:


    What's new in version 6.33 Build 2

    Updated the new feature to download from file sharing web sites

    Fixed problems of IDM 33 with Windows XP

    Fixed bugs

    Features of Internet Download Manager:


    Increase your download speed up to up to 5 times using the segmentation technology discussed before. You can increase the download speed up to 32 ports using the settings option available in connections tab.


    The marked increase in the file download speed may sometimes cause problems if your internet connection is shared with other persons. The internet connection will be very slow! The program has a built-in tool to solve this problem and limit the download speed according to your needs. This useful tool is located under the download menu.

    Automatic Categorization and save of files:

    The program will categorize any file downloaded according to its type and will automatically save it in the default directory. You can customize the directory according to your wish

    Advanced integration into your browser:


    This feature makes IDM the default download manager in your system. It will start download automatically when you click on any link on the website you are browsing. In addition, you can manually start download using right click menu of any file or link you need or simply use add URL button in the main toolbar to manually start your download


    Many ways available to start download:

    These include automatic and manual methods discussed above, drag and drop of the file into the drop target which is accessible through task menu.


    Resume broken downloads:

    If your download is interrupted for any reason (for example; internet connection troubles) you can easily resume it at any time.


    Download Complete dialogue:


    In addition, when your download is complete, there will be a “download complete dialogue”. This lets you open the file or its location or choose the program to open with. For example adobe acrobat for PDF documents

    Batch Download:


    Using this feature, you can download all files present in your favorite websites. No need to spend much time and effort to download each file alone then save it. Simply, add the URL of your preferred website with asterisk and extension of the files you need to download. (For example *.mp3 for sound files) and specify the method you want to use to arrange your files either using numbers (for example from 1 to 100) or letters (from a to z). The program will automatically detect the files arranged in a list with names, size and download URL and do everything for you while you go to your work. All with a single mouse click.

    Import and export Download:

    This feature lets you save your download list in case you have a system crash and need to do clean install of windows or you are moving to a new computer or laptop. This tool makes it easy to restore all your download. The exported list will be saved on your computer with the extension .ief or ef2 or in the form of a text file.

    Download from a Host File:

    This is very common way used by a lot of users to upload important files. Most of these file hosting sites need subscription with username and password if you want to enjoy the full download speed (for example rapidgator, nitroflare and many others). IDM allows users to add premium login details of these host sites so that file download will start automatically at full speed. This will help you a lot especially with large file download. No more file download interruption or much time needed






    This feature will automate all your downloads. Two types of scheduler are available; the main and synchronization. The synchronization queue is like the main download one with one difference. It lets the program do check for any changes available on the server. You will always have the new file version. You can easily create a new queue for scheduling your files, use new button or right click menu of the queue options in the category tree then add files using download later or right click menu or more easily drag and drop. Files added to the queue will appear in your main download list as the column "Q". Finally, set other options as the location to save your files, time to start and end, download limits, number of concurrent downloads and so on.

    Video grabber:

    You don’t need to purchase any multimedia download software as the program has a built-in video grabber tool. You can download online videos on hard disk to enjoy offline playback. You will see the download panel of IDM above any online video with a list of the formats available for download

    Site Grabber:

    IDM allows you to download complete websites for offline browsing; For example, pictures, documents or audio files. This is easily done through the built-in site grabber tool located under the download menu. Simply follow four step wizard to complete your job

    First step: specify the name of the new project, the website to be grabbed and project template and authorization (if needed).


    Second step: choose where to save the project files. Other options include overwrite existing files, convert links for offline browsing.


    Third step: lets you add explorer filters such as website exploration filter levels that will be included.


    Fourth step: allows you to set file filters (for example; types you want to include or exclude, hide duplicates and many other).


    Finally, the website will be explored using the set filters till complete. You can see the progress and statistics of the process which may need long time according to the website and filters you have chosen.

    File Search:


    This tool will help you to easily need to find a specific file in the long list of downloaded files. This is located under download menu. This will save your time.

    Notification area icon:

    This icon notifies you that the app is running and offers you many options using right click menu (for example; purchase, help, speed limiter and many other)

    Command line download:

    for advanced users find, command line can be used to start the download process. You need to specify the local file name, path and download directory.

    Program settings:


    The program settings are present under download menu. There are many options you can set according to your needs

    General: settings included are program start with windows, supported browsers, advanced integration, clipboard download, customize keys, download panels and context menu

    File types that can be automatically downloaded and websites to avoid automatic start of the download process.

    Save to: file categories and save locations

    Downloads: this part includes the default download settings, such as settings for start and complete of download dialogue, show queue panel on click of download later button, Virus checking tool and many other options

    Connection: this option allows you to specify your connection type and speed (maximum connection number is 32).

    Proxy: set the configuration settings of your internet connection including proxy, socks or FTP settings

    Sites Login: login information for host file site will be automatically saved here for future use. Most of these sites require paid subscription for premium services

    VPN settings: this tool allows you to use VPN to download your files

    Sounds when the download is completed or failed, queue processing started or stopped. Only “Wav” extension is supported.


    High download speed up to 5 folds

    Resume broken downloads

    Scheduled download task

    Video Grabber

    Site Grabber

    Compatible with all popular browsers


    And many more

    Cons: None


    IDM is one of the most popular programs for all internet users. It has a lot of features that make it the optimum software you need to download, save, categorize and schedule your downloads. You can download any video or even the whole website for offline use. The batch download feature allows you to download all files in a single website while you are at work. IDM will save your time, efforts and automate the download process. The program supports all host file support. It has skinny customizable easy to use interface.
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