[Written Review] PowerArchiver 2019: the smartest release ever!

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    PowerArchiver 2019



    PowerArchiver is a powerful archiving software that contains all the basic features included in a compression program. You can read, extract and create archives in different formats. The program has many advanced features which makes it different from all similar applications. These include the new modern interface, powerful explorer shell extensions, password manager, advanced encryption support and backup features. It has a built-in archive converter and multiple extract and batch zip tools are important and will help you to do a lot of work in an easy way. PowerArchiver has a customizable look with support of many skins. The new version 2019 adds many new features which makes it very fast and smart. It supports FTP integration and SFX tool with improved features



    System Requirements

    Microsoft Windows® XP, XP 64-bit, Vista, Windows 7- 10, Windows Server 2008 or higher, both 32bit and 64bit are supported. Intel Core 2 or faster processor, 512 MB or more RAM, 150 MB free HDD.

    Features of PowerArchiver 2019 Toolbox

    Includes all PowerArchiver Standard and Professional features.

    Encryption Suite with OpenPGP and FIPS 140-2 validated encryption.

    New Advanced Codec Pack (.PA format) with superior compression.

    Works with ZIP, ZIPX, PA, RAR, ISO and 60 other file formats. Fastest compression, multi-core optimized.


    Smart interface with Tabs, PDF viewer, Skins, Ribbon toolbar and much more.

    PowerArchiver Virtual ISO Drive – Mount ISO files as CD/DVD!

    PowerArchiver Backup with Enterprise grade backup features.

    Full PowerArchiver Burner with Data Burner, DVD to ISO, Burn ISO and even Audio burner.

    Full PowerArchiver Secure FTP client with FIPS 140-2 validation.

    PowerArchiver for Office Add-ins (PAOP) with integrations for Outlook, Word, Excel.

    Cloud Client integration with Dropbox, Google Drive and 4 more.


    Comparison of different PowerArchiver versions:











    What is the PowerArchiver Select plan?

    PowerArchiver Select is a premium Support and Maintenance plan with the following features:

    Upgrade Assurance (free upgrade to all major/minor versions),

    Live Registration system that keeps your code up to date,

    priority Support including Phone (48hr response),

    Priority Feature Requests,

    Priority BETA releases (get new BETA release before anyone else!).

    Level of end-user support in PowerArchiver Select is unprecedented in the software utilities industry,


    This is easily completed both online and offline


    User Interface:






    This button includes burn, FTP upload, save to cloud and send via email







    PowerArchiver 2019 the smartest release ever!

    PowerArchiver 2019 comes with SmartAI, new feature that intelligently monitors your system and adjusts PowerArchiver options to it. SmartAI will optimize your compression, save your power, change to dark mode when necessary, enable FIPS mode system wide, enable you to work conveniently with touch screens. Best of all is the new Simplified Ribbon UI from Office 2019! The current update adds full support for skins and has Win10 styled bar on the side for applications! This make the program looks great and fully customizable. If you don’t like the Windows 10 interface? You may still use the Classic and Windows Ribbon interfaces. The screen reader support and PowerArchiver ZIP compression become faster.

    PowerArchiver Mini is back and lets you use the full power of PowerArchiver within the Windows Explorer Preview window. The Advanced Codec Pack – .pa format has been fine tuned for the best compression and speed on the market!


    New Features:

    Modern Win10 – Simplified Ribbon UI

    Many users like the advanced interface features and great design. The new version 2019 has a simplified Ribbon based on Office 2019. This simplified Ribbon UI bridges the gap between Classic toolbar that has been around for 25 years. It has less buttons so you can concentrate on important features and yet it still has tabs so there is no need for classic menus. It looks awesome and convenient to use. There is also application navigation bar in Windows 10 style to the left side which makes all features easily accessible

    If you do not like it, no problem; you can turn it off! You will also notice a redesigned File menu to the left of the home tab in the W10 interface. It has been redisgned to look great, fit in with the Ribbon interface and offer access to various file management functions. Several skins with different great looks are available.


    SmartAI: Intelligent decision making

    As you might have noticed, everything around us is becoming more intelligent. Why not PowerArchiver? We have added your new PowerArchiver assistant called SmartAI. SmartAI has several important features:


    SmartAI FIPS modes

    let administrators enforce FIPS policy across a single computer or whole network. PowerArchiver is the first software that will enable this mode in Windows itself, and provide visual guidance during usage to ensure that users understand if they are not in compliance. During start-up it will show an alert as a warning if FIPS mode is not properly activate. Has several different modes with different warning levels.


    SmartAI Dark mode

    It will detect what Windows 10 theme are you using whether dark or light, and let you customize which PowerArchiver skin will be used. Iit will automatically use dark skin if you switch to Windows dark mode. When you go back to Windows light mode, it will also switch to the light mode. It also works in PowerArchiver Mini, Windows Explorer Preview application.

    SmartAI Power saving

    SmartAI will detect that your laptop is on battery and when you battery level is under certain %, it will turn on Power Saving mode in PowerArchiver, where PowerArchiver will reduce its power usage to minimum.

    SmartAI Touch mode

    SmartAI will detect that you are using a touch compatible computer and will switch to the Touch mode where the interface will be easier to use and you may activate Gesture options. This mode makes PowerArchiver easier to use on Windows tablets and touch computers.

    SmartAI Compression Optimization

    It will automatically switch codecs in ZIP, 7zip and PA formats to increase compression or speed based on your compression strength selection. Previously featured as Optimized mode in PowerArchiver for a long time and still a one-of-a kind feature among archivers.

    SmartAI Gestures:

    PowerArchiver has great support for Gestures. You can swipe around the interface intuitively with many PowerArchiver actions available. The comprehensive gesture mode will let you use predefined and customizable gestures, making your life easier on touchscreens and especially convertible laptops, where sometimes touch is so much easier to use. PowerArchiver becomes completely customizable and you can set it up as you want and assign gestures as you please. Gesture will also work with your mouse, when turned on.

    Added fast ZIP engine option

    New engine was added that is optimized for speed specifically and is used for Fast and Super Fast compression strength. It also uses multiple cores/threads and works on byte level. It can provide 2x faster compression than before!

    ZIP Engine improvements

    Large ZIP engine improvements: Added packmp3 support for full compatibility with ZIPX, improved faster modes to improve the speed of the fast ZIP engine, improved overall speeds in various situations such as smaller files being compressed/extracted.

    ZIP engine updates

    Major updates to the ZIP engine. Several variations of both the encoder and decoder to speed up compression of files in fast and super fast levels, as well as optimized speed. Special decoder was added for highly compressed files. Also support for decoding files compressed with packmp3 in zipx

    PowerArchiver Mini is back


    PowerArchiver Mini has returned for 2019! PowerArchiver Mini is the Windows Explorer Preview feature where you can work directly from Windows Explorer Preview window (make sure you turn it on). Not only does it show the file list of a selected archive, you can also browse folders, open individual files and extract them with one of the available options. It is super easy to use and very intuitive.

    The explorer tooltips are added to show information about the archive and a summary of the list files inside as a tooltip when you hover over an archive in Windows Explorer.

    Private Mode option

    New Private Mode feature that clears the PowerArchiver history and cleans the temp folder with US DoD 5220.22-M approved methods.

    SFX Wizard – no path option

    Added new option for SFX Wizard – do not store paths, for easier creation of SFX’s when you do not need to replicate original folder structure.


    Tabs improvements

    You can now disable tabs when working with archives.

    Removed ACE library

    Vulnerability was discovered in old ACE library used in 32bit versions of PowerArchiver. Updates to all latest variations of PowerArchiver were added with removed library.

    High dpi per monitor support

    Added support for configurations where user uses several monitors with different dpi settings.

    Onedrive and other cloud engines updated:

    Fixed access issue with Onedrive and updated engines for all clouds supported.

    Many other improvements

    Full support for screen readers was added in Classic toolbar. Filelist is all new and fully supports skinning, large dpi, gesturing and everything you can imagine. If you use 4k screens that are 13″ large, you will love the new PowerArchiver 2019! Open and New archive dialogues are now sporting the Windows 10 look, fully skinned too. Everything simply looks great.

    Changelog and New Features: The current version: PowerArchiver 2019 – 19.00.48 – RC2. Released June 6, 2019



    Updated translations – Updated French, German and Spanish translations.

    Better filtering for filenames – add more filename/path filtering on all formats, includes better support for filtering characters not supported under Windows.

    Shell Improvements – compression in shell starts at low priority for greater system responsiveness.

    Better format support – Added support for extraction of SFX and gzip archives that were previously not supported.

    .PA format improvements– Improvements when extracting of specific data compressed with rep filter.

    Full list of new features:


    FIPS 140-2:

    PowerArchiver 2019 – even easier way to make sure you are FIPS 140-2 compliant

    For everyone that uses PowerArchiver in an environment which needs to satisfy various legislation on protecting end-user information, secure data storage and transport s validated against FIPS 140-2 standard. For data storage and exchange, ZIP AES (public and open data encryption standard) is used. For transport secure ftp client is used (both SFTP and FTP over SSL, both public transport standards). Both solutions use FIPS 140-2 validated components and are in compliance with all legal requirements for open data storage and transport as well as data protection standards. HIPAA, NIST, PCI DSS and GDPR legislative needs can be met or exceeded with PowerArchiver operating in FIPS 140-2 mode. For PowerArchiver 2019, it is easier to make sure you stay compliant during your usage of PowerArchiver. Since we use Windows validated FIPS 140-2 security components, it is necessary to make sure that FIPS is enabled in Windows.


    PowerArchiver for Office Add-ins (PAOP):

    PowerArchiver for Office Add-Ins 3.0 works with Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel in versions: XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365 (support for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions).

    PowerArchiver Microsoft Office Add-ins

    PowerArchiver Outlook Plugin (PAOP)

    Microsoft Outlook Add-in features

    Can be configured to work automatically without user input.

    Compress in multiple formats (ZIP, ZIPX, PA, 7-Zip, CAB, TAR.GZ) with different settings.

    Powerful 256-bit encryption support with AES 256-bit ZIP/ZIPX/PA formats. FIPS 140-2 validated.

    Create SFX (Executable) attachments compressed in CAB or ZIP formats.

    Rename extension of attachment automatically to bypass mail filters.

    Exclusions based on extension with predefined commonly used extensions.

    Name attachment based on first file and filter based on minimum file size.

    Option to include help file with attachment.

    Easy configuration rules for Administrators.

    Windows Installer based installation.

    Superb compatibility with all versions of Office, from Office XP to Office 2019 amd Office 365 (both 32bit and 64bit). No crashing or Microsoft Outlook hanging.

    Supports both 32bit and 64bit versions of Microsoft Office, via unified single installer.

    New Microsoft Word and Excel Add-ins

    Since version 3.0, there is support for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Once installed, a PowerArchiver will appear in your Office programs and will show the following features: Save As ZIP, Save as a Secure ZIP, Send as ZIP and Send as a Secure ZIP. ZIP, ZIPX, PA and 7-zip compression is supported.

    Encryption is Secure AES 256-bit with FIPS 140-2 validation in ZIP, ZIPX and PA formats (when so configured in PowerArchiver). It enables user to quickly save/encrypt/email their document with one click of a button.

    Program Settings:

    The program has many settings that makes it highly customizable and suitable for both novice and advanced users


    Shell Extensions:



    PowerArchiver is a comprehensive archiving software that helps users to easily compress, encrypt, exchange and backup your data. It offers you the fastest file management with support for ZIP, ZIPX, 7Z, PA, RAR, ISO (over 60+ formats). The program lets you enjoy the strongest compression and secure FIPS 140-2 validated 256-bit AES encryption!
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