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    I would appreciate some advice on my partitions and setup of cache files/pagesys/RAMDISKS as I currently plan to reformat my PC soon and I'm seeking advice on how to tweak the current set up.

    Proc: Intel Core i7 860
    Mobo: Asus P7P55D PRO
    RAM: 2 x 2 GB DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM
    Router: WAG200G (default settings)

    Hard Disk Drives:

    1. C: OCZ Vertax 120GB firmware 1.4 (not partitioned)

    2. Internal 1TB WD WDC WD10EADS (partition information below)
    D: Downloads (100)
    E: Backups (100)
    F: Media (800)

    3. External USB Maxtor Basics Desktop (500G)
    H: (250G)
    I: (250G)

    Net Settings
    Google DNS 2 (
    Internet Speed: Subscription to 4 MBPS, but;
    Speedtest.net results show 28 ping/10 Mbps
    Pingtest.net results show 45 ping/ 2 Jitter/ 0 packetloss

    Currently my download files and temp folders (torrents/IDM) is to my external drive H: . When that is done, I will copy the finished files over to the partitons on the 1TB WD and then reformat H: when it's almost full.

    I do 2 copies of disk image backups from C: to E: and I: once a week or so.

    I install all my programs, files, documents in C:

    My reasoning for this is that if something is going to wear out first I'd rather it be the Maxtor Basics since I can just replace it. The downloaded files will already be copied in D/F drive and there is another copy of backups in E:

    Is this a good enough reasoning or is there a better alternative?

    Question 1.
    Should I mess about with the pagefile? I read somewhere that partitoning C: drive and setting the pagefile min/max to be the same value will increase the speed. True/False?
    What is the optimal size for this?

    Question 2.
    How should I set up my Firefox cache for maximum browsing speed?

    Question 3.
    Is there any difference installing my media player in drive F: where my media files are stored as opposed to drive C:? Will be using VLC or SM Player. Tried KM Player and was not really impressed.
    Just watching normal quality stuff, not HD/Blueray type media.

    Question 4.
    I did a little bit of reading about RAMDISKS but I'm confused. I know it is supposed to speed up your system but if all the cached files are deleted when the system shuts off then doesn't that mean the data needs to be fetched again? I thought allocating more space for your cache would be better.

    err..I guess that's it. Most of the other tweaks I will just follow general guides, these are just specific questions relating to what hardware I've got.

    Please advise! Thanks :)

    p/s: Hard Disk Space is not an issue.
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    Just install to the SSD - Windows 7 will only create one partition during install - and only apply the recommended changes - turn off Defrag and indexing on the SSD - keep your data on a seperate drive - no idea about Firefox - if your SSD is fast changing other settings like pagefile is meaningless and may slow it down.

    Any software installed on the SSD will run MUCH faster than when installed on a harddisk.

    I really don't think anything is going to make much difference beyond these simple changes - SSDs have a seek time that is hundreds of times faster than a harddrive and read speeds that are usually double and that is the best there is at the moment that normal users can afford. Don't mess with it.
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