x58 ich10r ssd sata speeds compared to ich9r. w?

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by ldrancer, Dec 25, 2015.

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    Dec 24, 2015
    hi. i got the 132-gt-e768 evga ftw3 board. anyone got any tips for a couple of problems i have with this board?

    first- ssd write speeds wont go up as high as before, with my old board, a ich9r p35 with 10.1?? orom and 10.8 modded intel drivers.< now the write doenst go past a 245, and read takes longer and is slower at starting up and getting going. but it will blast to the full speed it woud do before. i read about a laptop thing here,

    but im just afraid to blow my computer.

    anyone got any fixes for this? was there ever a fix, for this? also to me, it seems trims not on. im using the original intel drivers, and oRom from the bios from the evga site. marvell drivers also updated at their site too. i also used the marvell drivers from there too.

    anyone have any ideas which is the best ich10r oROm to use? and which driver goes with it? any ideas about the marvell chipsets too? \

    ive tried many intel chipsets here. from 10.1-11.2 and i even used the 14.8 hacked oRom bios and 14.8 inf drivers. I ended up bluescreening my comptuer and formatting it trying to fix this slow ssd problem. I used w7 dvd to format the ssd with. the other ssd, hasnt even been touched, just plugged into the new board.

    to me though trim doesnt seem to be on, because some tester, trimcheck-0.7-win64, shows me ill run it once, on the root of the ssd, itll write a json file, and say its not on. later i check it again, says it works and the file disappears. then ill immediately recheck it, and it says writing... and says trims not on.

    anyone got any fixes or whats wrong, whats going on with my comptuer? i set up w7 before. just trying to get my computer up with stable drivers, so its out of beta mode. good, best performing drivers, would be good. but ich9r performance, id be REALLY happy with on the ssd's, if i can get them to do that.