X64/X86 AIO Emergency Repair Disk

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by rasputinuk, Mar 26, 2011.

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    May 21, 2007
    Over the last week I have been making an all in one install disk. Slipstreaming SP1, IE9 and Drivers that I needed to install windows 7 to my two computers at home one being an older X86 machine and the other an X64. I also managed to incorporate an installation folder to for the purpose of silently installing a few must have apps including Office 2007, which saves the bother of having to do it manually.

    Everything ran smoothly untill the X64 machine crashed out and I needed to resort to the Emergency repair disk. That's when I hit problems owing to the fact the install disk does not reconise the X64 installation.

    So I came up with a simple idea. Download M$ desktop optimization pack (MDOP) and make ERD65 Repair disk for both X86 and X64, make two directories on the Win 7 USB stick ie. ERDx86 and ERDx64 using easyBCD2.02 alter the BCD by adding the WinPE boot.wims from ERDx86 and ERDx64 renaming the menu entry to Emergncy Repair Disk (X86) and Emergency Repair Disk (X64) and a timeout of 10 seconds. And thats it, I now have a complete Install and Repair Disk...The reason I added the X86 ERD is so I can have the extra tools on both platforms....:biggrin:
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