Xeon X5460 in Asus P5K-E Wifi AP

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by T_and, Apr 24, 2016.

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    Apr 23, 2016
    Hi to everyone!

    Happy to get my first post! I was recomended from an other forum to come consult to you.

    I got a Xeon X5460 (cpuid 10676) and wanted to use it in my Asus P5k-E Wifi Ap, and even if it boots and works I want the mobo to recognize it and make it work at a 100%.

    I just have a few doubts that I wanna share with you!

    1) Is it enough if I just add this microcode with mmtool? I was told its the only one I need "cpu00010676_plat00000040_ver0000060f_date20100929. bin"

    Or should I also add those?
    - cpu00010676_plat00000001_ver0000060f_date20100929. bin
    - cpu00010676_plat00000004_ver0000060f_date20100929. bin
    - cpu00010676_plat00000010_ver0000060f_date20100929. bin

    2) Is there a need to erase old microcode? Or could I just leave it?

    I also heard about this chinese website where you can find already modified BIOS but once I download mine, I'm not able to see the suited microcode "cpu00010676_plat00000040_ver0000060f_date20100929. bin"
    inside it.

    So I guess it's just easier doing it by myself with mmtool no?

    Thanks a lot!