XP Home Edition (HP OEM) SP2 iso?

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    Oct 3, 2011
    Hello! :)
    I have an HP laptop that came with Vista. It's now downgraded to XP Pro (HP OEM), however I'd rather use the Home Edition, because I don't care about the additional features of XP Pro. Pro has a lot more services running in the background and I am fed up with having to turn them all off manually. However, I was unable to find an HP version of Windows XP Home Edition (SP2) on CD. And it's nowehere to be found on the Internet. Does any of you have an iso? My machine is 6715b. Why is XP Pro more findable on the net (strictly HP OEM speaking)?
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    If your still interested? Ive got the Original HP Operating system CD XP Home SP3 (HP_OS_RESTORE) Here :)

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