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    Hi all. I have a XP comp here at home that i was previously using as my work computer. I was working from home for a trading firm. When i quit working for them they naturaly removed me from there networks. Now my computer sees that there is an internet connection but is somehow blocking all internet applications from accesses it. firefox dropbox, chat all act like there is no internet connection. Anybody got any ideas?


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    Could be a lot of things, but there are some things to do as a starter:
    Uninstall any software your old company gave you to allow connection to their network and scrub the registry using Ccleaner or similar.

    If you have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) you old company's software created for itself, remove it.

    Confirm you're using the correct ID and password if they are required.

    Check your firewall to see what it's blocking and remove any blocks related to internet connection. If your using Windows XP's FW, you might consider turning it off and going with a third party program such as Comodo.

    If you're using a router, confirm its settings are allowing passage.

    Delete your current network and recreate it.

    And there's the old standby ... antivirus. Confirm your antivirus program isn't stopping the connection somehow. This may be a long shot.

    If none of this works, and no other's suggestions get your access back, you can always restore your computer if you have the OEM means to do so. Or you can wipe your drive and reinstall Windows gotten via links found on this forum. But if you choose to restore or rebuild your system, Backup your data dead first.

    It's difficult to diagnose by remote, but that process can usually be made a lot shorter if you list up front your computer's full specs and any/all error message you may have gotten. Same for any things you've already done, if any, that didn't work for you.
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