XP on Hyper-V

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    XP on Hyper-V & Parallels Desktop

    Just an info that this set will activate XP on unmodded Hyper-V (and also Parallels Desktop 5/6)
    Genuine C&C (OEMBIOS.CAT CRC32=8B2EBECB)

    as only a word Genuine is required


    and the BIOS already contains Genuine Intel(R) in the right place

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    Wow, you are good! Thanks I wonder why no one, and even M$ noticed the 'word conflict'.. now there's a war between Intel and M$.! The irony is that the OEMBIOS file was approved by Microsoft themselves! (since no one could make their own OEMBIOS file). the oembios file exist for a long time but no one noticed.. till now

    I got it working with the final Parallels 5 release. will make a howto soon..(will edit this post later)

    for those who can't wait. use the key "ACTEBIS (*)" (For home edition, for other edtition just try the other keys with the asterisk beside it) from the SLP 1.0 collection thread.


    1a) David's SLIC toolkit does not detect it, also oemscan 1.4.1 will not also. (but you will/would use oemscan 1.4.1 with modded INI file to put the OEMBIOS*.* files in if you want automatic)
    1b) only tools that can detect are:

    -manual lookup with HWDirect
    -use this tool (search here or msfn) http://forums.mydigitallife.net/posts/1538838

    -mod the oemscan 1.4.1 to include/add

    Then copy the uncompressed files (search here to DL via mediafire) to like below
    If you are STUCK (like I did) in the Activation Expired screen...
    You can use the Narrator hack to go to Internet explorer, then CMD.exe etc. but there is a time limit for CMD and Windows Explorer to be open so you can't leave it open for too long

    1) you must convert the VLK to OEM using the tool.. (search) (note to match the SAME DLL "versions" of the PIDGEN to match when replacing. you replace same version but the contents inside are different) can explain later if needed.

    2) Then apply the oemscan 1.4.1 patched

    3) reboot

    4) Press yes for activate

    5) Telephone

    6) Change key, put the "(*)" key, with matching edition.. (see top of post) (If its rejected, then VLK problem maybe, make sure the 5 boxes are asking for "COA" key)

    7) Quit the activation app (don't use Internet Activation, it does not work on SLP keys.. that was for COA keys)

    8) Login again

    9) If it work then its done

    10) if error still try change to another key.

    I am limited to help... you need some basic understanding of the OEMBIOS and VLK to OEM stuff first..

    mGAdiag report

    I am not sure what the other 17679:Microsoft Corporation is.. will research later

    17249:GENUINE C&C INC (from another thread)

    the 5 numbers I think is the 'location' of where the "String" was found... so in a sense MGADiag is like an oemscan tool too... but most people will be paranoid to run it because it installs the WGA stuff on it..

    XP and Win7 "marker" are similar things.. just Win7 has more "Marker" checks than XP.. but Markers are based on hash for Win7/Vista.. while XP's marker is string check only
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