Ye Olde Windows Home Server v1

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by PopThePimple, May 31, 2016.

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    Aug 27, 2015
    I'm setting up a home server for my movies, ebooks, and MP3 files. I want simple remote administration (Dashboard) headless operation in the basement, just a read-only share and a scratch read/write share, no Plex or anything fancy. Most important is drive pooling. Linux is out, as I would be looking at LVM for drive pooling (life is too short for that), and WHS 2011 needs DrivePool or other solution for drive pooling. DrivePool is great, but WHS v1 already has Drive Extender baked-in. I'll throw in three 500 GB drives and that will be enough. All my data resides in cold storage on large external USB drives, so bit-rot or corruption would only be a nuisance, not a problem.

    1. Given that my needs are low, security concerns few (no private photos or data on the box) why wouldn't WHS v1 be just fine for me. I see comments such as, "WHS v1 is so old", "Long in the tooth", etc. So what? It works fine according to all reports.

    2. The point of my post: WHS 2011 can be activated by Windows Loader. What solutions exist for activating WHS v1, other than fiddling with the BIOS and SLP keys (that I don't fully understand) for OEM activation?