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  1. Carlos Detweiller

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    Dec 21, 2012
    Someone in the old benchmark topic (Why not Win11 and similar tests) wanted me to do this. Dunno who exactly, but, consider it done. ;)

    Intel Atom Netbook, 1 x 1,66GHz (2 with HT), 1GB RAM, 120GB SSD. This is already borderline, the system came with Windows 7 Starter. :)

    netbook_winspecs.png netbook_compat.png

                                                 Query Tool GUI v0.10.6.35
    Log Date {UTC}: 05/11/2023 -- 01:36 {24-hour}
    Some results may be shortened to fit the output stage, such as RAM information or storage drive names.
    This is the postable report that does not contain full serial or sensitive information.
    GUI Font Used : Lucida Console Size: 11
                                                 Operating System Information
    Installation Type               : Client
    Name                            : Microsoft Windows 11 Enterprise
    Edition Name {Registry}         : Enterprise
    Composition Name {Registry}     : Enterprise
    OS/CPU Architecture             : CPU and OS is 64 bit
    Build                           : 10.0.22621 {UBR:1702} {22H2}
    Initial Full Build Information  : 22621.1.amd64fre.ni_release.220506-1250
    Build Branch                    : ni_release {Nickel}
    Setup/Install Locale            : English (United States)
    GeoID Nation ISO Location       : Germany
    Current Keyboard Language       : German (IBM) {66567}
    Current Keyboard Name           : Enhanced (101- or 102-key)
    Number of Function Keys         : 12
    Keyboard Description            : Standard PS/2 Keyboard
    Installed/Available Languages   : en-US
    Stock Keeping Unit {SKU}        : 4
    Experience Pack                 : 1000.22641.1000.0
    Installation Date/Time {UTC}    : 07/13/2022 at 1:37 AM
    Last Boot Up Date/Time {UTC}    : 05/11/2023 at 0:15 AM
    Product ID                      : 00329-00000-00003-AA064  {Extended: 03612-03290-000-000003-03-1033-22621.0000-1942022}
    Time Zone Data                  : W. Europe Standard Time
    Hours offset from GMT           : 2
    Daylight Saving In Effect       : Yes
    Daylight Adjust Clock Mode      : Enabled/Checked
    Upgrade or Clean Installation   : Clean
    Previous OS Upgraded From       : N/A
    StorageSense Policy             : Disabled {0x0}
    Number of Licensed Users        : 1
    Data Execution Prevention       : OptIn/Default {Ref: 2}
    DEP Available                   : Yes
    DEP 32Bit Applications          : Yes
    DEP Drivers                     : Yes
    DEP Support Policy              : Enabled for OS Kernel, essential binaries and all Windows-based Services.
    Clipboard History Service       : Automatic {Value:2}
    Clipboard History               : Disabled {0}
    Allow Cross Device History      : Enabled {Default}
    Allow Clipboard History         : Enabled {Default}
    Current Power Policy Used       : Home/Office Desk
    Power Plans Available           : Balanced Only {Others may be 'hidden'}
    Current Active Power Plan       : Balanced
    Long File Paths Enabled         : Yes {0x1} NTFS set to allow file paths greater than 260 characters
    Part of a Domain                : No
    Domain/Device Role              : Standalone Workstation {Ref: 0}
    Portable OS {Win to Go}         : No
    Feature Update Status           : Auto-resumed after being paused
    Quality Update Status           : Not paused
    WSH Availability Status         : Windows Scripting Host is not restricted. {All Users}
    WSH 'DisplayLogo' Value         : Enabled {1} [All Users]
    HVCI Protection Status          : N/A
    Download Over Metered Internet  : No
    Exclude Drivers from MS/WU      : Yes
    Pointing Device {Mouse}         : PS/2 Compatible Mouse
    Hypervisor Present/Installed    : No
    Virtual Machine Data            : This computer does not appear to be a virtual machine
    Shipped with Reserved 7GB       : Yes
    Dirty Shutdown Count            : N/A
    VL/KMS Capable/Permitted        : Yes
    KMS Activation In Use           : Yes
    Win7 ESU {POS7} Patch {exp}     : Not required on this OS
    Windows Key 1 Installed         : 2YT43 (Last 5 digits shown)
    Windows DpID4 Installed         : 2YT43 (Last 5 digits shown)
    Windows Default Installed       : 8HV2C (Last 5 digits shown)
    Windows Default4 Installed      : 8HV2C (Last 5 digits shown)
    TPM Information                 : Active : N/A, Enabled : N/A, Owned : N/A, Version : N/A, Vendor : N/A
    =============== Windows 11 Checks ===============
    Checked for W11 Target Upgrade  : Yes
    Target Build Number             : N/A
    Device is OEM Specific          : N/A
    DirectX 12 Detected             : N/A
    Device is Genuine               : N/A
    Touch Capable Hardware          : N/A
    Upgrade Experience {1}          : N/A
    Upgrade Experience {2}          : N/A
    Upgrade Fail Reason{s}          : N/A
    Bypass TPM Check                : N/A
    Bypass Secure Boot Check        : N/A
    Bypass RAM Check                : N/A
    Allow W11 WU Upgrade            : Yes {1}
    CompatTelRunner.exe {Appraiser} : Process is not running. {File is not present in C:\Windows\System32}
    If 'N/A' is shown then the data may not of been fully compiled by the OS or via WU yet.
    When Fail Reason's are listed then they are not compatible and will be blocked for the upgrade.
    If any Upgrade Experience's are listed as 'Orange' then they will require attention to pass the OS checks.
    If CompatTelRunner.exe is prevented from running then the W11 checks will not be performed.
                                      Booted System Drive Partition Information
    Drive Type                      : SSD
    BUS Type                        : SATA
    Total Space                     : 111.18 GB
    Free Space                      : 59.25 GB
    Partition Type                  : MBR
    Firmware Boot Type              : Legacy/MBR Mode {R:1}
    Secure Boot Status              : N/A
    File System                     : NTFS
    System Drive Letter             : C:
    Interface Information           : What mode an interface is in
    IDE Controller Mode             : Advanced Host Controller Interface {AHCI}
    SCSI Controller Mode            : Microsoft Storage Spaces
    Disk and Partition Information  : Driveletter | Disk #, Partition # | Model Name {50 Chars max} | Size 'GB'
    \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0                C: | Disk #0, Partition #1 | KINGSTON SV300S37A120G                             | 111.18 GB
    Drive letters/Partitions are shown as they are defined via the connected ports in the BIOS.
    Partitions without Drive letters assigned are not shown.
                                              Memory Information                                                       
    Total Physical                  : 1037612 KB (0.99 GB)
    Available Physical              : 238192 KB (0.23 GB)
    Total Page Size                 : 2807084 KB (2.68 GB)
    Available Page Size             : 1512740 KB (1.44 GB)
    Total Virtual Size              : 4194176 KB (4 GB)
    Available Virtual               : 4012868 KB (3.83 GB)
    Memory Type                     : DDR2 {19}
    Memory Error Correction         : Non-ECC
    Memory Slots Fitted             : 4
    Memory Slots Used               : 1
    Memory Slots Free               : 3
    Motherboard's Max Memory        : 8388608 KB (8 GB}
    DIMM Information {First Eight}  : J6G1 1024MB @ 667MHz
                                              Graphics Information                                                     
    Adaptor Name                    : Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 3150
    Adaptor DACType                 : N/A
    Adaptor Driver Information      : {2010/09/14}
    Adaptor Video Ram {See Notes}   : N/A
    Adaptor Status                  : Active
    Adaptor Name                    : Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 3150
    Adaptor DACType                 : Internal {iGPU}
    Adaptor Driver Information      : {2010/09/14}
    Adaptor Video Ram {See Notes}   : 320 MB {Routine:2R1}
    Adaptor Status                  : Active
    Virtual Desktop Resolution      : 1024 x 600
    Bits Per Pixel                  : 32
    Video Mode Description          : N/A
    WinSAT Scores/Status            : {If available}
    No assessment available. Run 'WinSAT Formal' from a command/PS prompt.
    Some values may not be accurate due to 32 bit API limitations.
    VRam does not include any 'Shared' or 'Dynamically' allocated memory.
                                            Network Adaptor Information                                               
    Adaptor 1 Name                  : Marvell Yukon 88E8040 Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller
    Connection Status               : Connected
    MAC Address                     : 02:CC:89:xx:xx:02
    Adaptor 2 Name                  : Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter
    Connection Status               : Media Disconnected
    MAC Address                     : 02:CC:89:xx:xx:13
                                              Processor 1 Information                                                 
    Name                            : Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N450   @ 1.66GHz
    Architecture  {Bits}            : 64
    L2 Cache Size {MB}              : 512
    L3 Cache Size {MB}              : --
    Current / Max Speed {MHz}       : 1667 / 1667 {Not Turbo Speed}
    Physical Cores                  : 1
    Logical Cores                   : 2
    Processor Id                    : 0xBFE9FBFF000106CA
    Virtualization Mode             : Query not present on this OS/Build
    Manufacturer                    : GenuineIntel [Intel]
    Description                     : Intel64 Family 6 Model 28 Stepping 10
    Motherboard Connection          : CPU 1
    OS Loaded Microcode Revision    : 0x0000000007010000
    Bios Microcode Revision         : 0x0000000005010000
    Processor Family                : 1
    Sockets/CPU's Present           : 1
    Feature Set                     : 0x00000000211B3FFE
    Motherboard Connection is based on a OS internal database, MS may not have updated it.
    Microcode registry values are converted from binary to hexadecimal, not reliable for all devices.
                                                 DMI/BIOS Information                                                 
    System Manufacturer             : SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.
    System Product Name             : N145P/N250P/N260P
    BaseBoard Manufacturer          : SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.
    BaseBoard Product               : N145P/N250P/N260P
    BaseBoard Version               : Not Applicable
    PC System Type                  : Mobile {Ref: 2}
    BIOS Vendor                     : Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
    BIOS Release Date               : 12/14/2010
    BIOS Version                    : 02GC.M004.20101214.RHU
    Primary BIOS                    : Yes
    SMBIOS Present                  : Yes
    SMBIOS Version                  : 2.5
    SLIC/BIOS Data                  : SECCSD - 6040000
    Valid SLIC Name                 : Samsung
    Possible Brand Theme            : Samsung {System Manufacturer}
    SLIC Table Status               : SLIC table with valid marker present  {v2.1}
    Emulated SLIC                   : Not required/used for this OS
    MSDM Key Description            : No MSDM key Description found
    MSDM Key Detected               : Not Present
    MSDM Key OS Version/Edition     : N/A
                                              Miscellaneous Information                                               
    Which MRP Version Used          : CY22M05D18-R145.BL
    Wallpaper Style                 : Fill image to display resolution
    Current Theme Used              : themeA.theme
    Installed Dot Net Frameworks    : 2.0  3.0  3.5  4.8  4.0 
    Installed Powershell Versions   : 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 5.1
    Windows Activation Status       : VL activation expires 179 Days / 258786 minutes
    Windows Licence Reason          : No critical issues found
    Windows Product Key Channel     : KMS:Client {VOLUME_KMSCLIENT} {R:PKC}
    Device has KMS Enabled          : Yes
    KMS Auto Renewal (hook)         : No
    MS Office {MSI/Traditional}     : Not Detected
    C2R MS Office                   : Not Detected
    C2R Excluded Apps               : N/A
    C2R Last Update Channel         : N/A
    C2R Office Activation Status    : N/A
    C2R Partial Product Key         : N/A
    Office Reason Information       : No reason information to show/No Issues
    Office MAK/KMS Information      : No MAK or KMS activation detected
                                                 Security Information                                                 
    Defender Tamper Protection      : Both Tamper and Cloud-delivered Protections are disabled
    Defender TProtection Exclusions : Disabled
    Defender Service Status         : Auto
    Defender Code Integrity Mode    : N/A
    Defender Credential Guard       : Disabled
    Windows Firewall Service State  : Running {Reg: Auto}
    Security Product Name{s}        : {If detected}
    Windows Defender - Disabled and not updated.
                                                  End of Report

    In your face, MS!
  2. acer-5100

    acer-5100 MDL Guru

    Dec 8, 2018
    Those netbooks were already borderline with W7.

    I guess it's one of the more recent netbook models that (unlike their older counterparts) weren't even expandable to 2GB.

    1GB of ram is barely enough to run a 64Bit OS W/O even a single additional additional program....
  3. Carlos Detweiller

    Carlos Detweiller Emperor of Ice-Cream

    Dec 21, 2012
    I guess it's expandable, there are free slots. Anyway, it's just a POC.

    Now, all, try to top (or rather, bottom) that.
  4. acer-5100

    acer-5100 MDL Guru

    Dec 8, 2018
    Ok, then you can max out to 2GB, which leads to reasonable performances. I have like 20 of those 1GB DDR2 sodim modules right here, but I guess they are very cheap anyway. Absolutely worth to max out the RAM no matter what you are going to install on it, or the final use as repurposed device.
  5. crobin

    crobin MDL Novice

    Jul 29, 2015
    Does it makes sense to use debloating scripts in this case? Or other optimizing scripts? I dont want to use Tiny11 I want to optimize myself but whats a good way to do?
  6. acer-5100

    acer-5100 MDL Guru

    Dec 8, 2018
    Obviously makes sense. But makes more sense to use Server 11, which is already debloated, and optionally turn it to LTSC (or Pro/Enterprise....)
  7. ohenry

    ohenry MDL Senior Member

    Aug 10, 2009
    I'll put my IQ up against yours any day.

    I read the title of the thread, I understood the title of the thread. I did NOT make unwarranted assumptions about unstated intentions.
  8. acer-5100

    acer-5100 MDL Guru

    Dec 8, 2018

    Now I'm really scared. :roflmao:

    I'm sure you did..

    I'm sure you didn't

    But, let it slide. It's a discussion forum, not a martial court.

    The world will keep spinning no matter if you get the scope of a thread or not.;)
  9. Project Prisma

    Project Prisma MDL Novice

    May 10, 2023
    It' true that if i install Windows 11 on an unsupported computer, i will not receive update, security fix, and versione update?

  10. acer-5100

    acer-5100 MDL Guru

    Dec 8, 2018

    MS will never shoot in its feet leaving a current product unprotected
  11. DavidinCT

    DavidinCT MDL Addicted

    May 9, 2015
    I have to ask. As Windows 10 runs like crap on my HP Netbook (it's worthless on ebay, so I keep it around but, did put a SSD in it), how well does Windows 11 run on your netbook?
  12. acer-5100

    acer-5100 MDL Guru

    Dec 8, 2018
    Netbooks were underpowered even to run XP.

    Use win 8 (not win8.1) x86 or Thin PC.

    If you want to use Win 10 at least use LTSB 2015 or LTSB 2016.

    Win 11 is 64 bit only, the best you can do is to use Server 11, which comes with way less crap than Win11
  13. aldhi97

    aldhi97 MDL Novice

    Nov 12, 2015
    #175 aldhi97, May 25, 2023
    Last edited: May 25, 2023
    D**n, if only I didn't turn mine into brick because I flashed some bios mod to turn on virtualization, love this netbook so much.

    Oh, and also the oldest machine I've installed & running Win11 is Dell 7447, it comes with Intel i7 4710HQ and I topped up the ram to 16GB (I wish I can go up until 32GB, but I can't find any DDR3L 16GB in my area). Yap, everything running perfectly, even I found my favorite games can runs more consistently & smoother, and the start menu animation can go more faster when I disabled the transparency effect, but right now I rolled back it to 10 LTSC since I find while the machine under heavy load, the audio starting to crackling (I'm playing youtube music).
  14. ExiledRose6084

    ExiledRose6084 MDL Junior Member

    Apr 14, 2023
    I can run windows 11 on my HP 255 G1 it's a AMD E2-2000 with AMD 7340 HD graphics (CPU is dual core 1.75ghz), also 8GB of ram (DDR3), & have SSD installed.

    Though one issue is that my laptops fan kicks onto full gear even if the laptop is cool. So no idea what's up there & the other issue only runs OK as long as the OS is de bloated.
  15. acer-5100

    acer-5100 MDL Guru

    Dec 8, 2018

    Do you mean a stock W11 or a decently debloated one?

    If it's the first case, that's somewhat normal, your notebook is FIVE years newer than my Turion X2 (which run W11 w/o a sweat), but newer doesn't mean more powerful...

    Indeed on passmark yours reach 492 points while mine is 631

    So, for sure you need to disable/remove at least the defender cancer
  16. ExiledRose6084

    ExiledRose6084 MDL Junior Member

    Apr 14, 2023
    Yeah, in order for windows 11 to run remotely well it need to be debloated & of course no Microsoft Defender. Though eh truthfully if I want to preserve the laptop longer then well 10 years.

    Need to use something lightweight on it. I mean truthfully, I saw your post recommending windows 10 LTSB 2015 or 2016 to someone above & I tried out LTSB 2015 & it runs way faster/better.
  17. maddogster

    maddogster MDL Senior Member

    Mar 23, 2015
    unsupported means no drivers/bios/firmware updates or proper driver support hence fans and gpu and many other issues that will always arise, so you take good with bad unless find some miracle driver writers or bios hack updates/third party software or apps to support old hardware on new OS :)
  18. acer-5100

    acer-5100 MDL Guru

    Dec 8, 2018
    Come on! Do you really think that W11 is unable to understand a spinning fan sensor that talks via a standard ACPI sensor, something defined in the days of Win98 (first edition)?

    Here the problem is clearly a CPU load problem, and the fan spins because has to to keep the CPU cool.